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Monik Awasum

Dear brothers and sisters, It is a pity that one of our chinese friends was caught by a stray bullet. Many thanks to the D.O. and the police for getting the tension that was building-up under control just in time.

I do agree that the chinese presence in Cameroon is a serious threat to our already limping economy. It is a good thing to the average-low income earner to have these goods at affordable prices, but it surely has a bad effect on the overall growth and competivity of the small local industries.

One thing that strikes me about this report is the fact that we Africans in China are treated as underdogs by these same chinese. Thanks for this article which makes the world, especially the chinese to know that their own brothers and sisters are settled and living peacefully in our our "Fei Zou" land.

kidzeru Austin

Regrettably, those are the undesired effects of globalisation and a free market. The difference is that others pay only lip service to globalisation and do what it takes to protect their markets. Either we resign ourselves to our miserable fate and face the ugly music or we think of a way out. God bless Cameroon and Africa


I am a Chinese living in the U.S. and closely watch what happens in Africa because I have quite a few African friends. Believe or not, my best friend is from west Africa. I keep frequent contact with my Cameroonian friend in Paris.
Basically, I agree with Jovian Shemlon on Chinese presence in Africa, or specifically in Cameroon, and hope it will help Cameroonians that deserve. Because of cultural and language barriers, many Chinese might not communicate with Africans well that sometimes cause misunderstandings and problems without mentioning ignorance some Chinese might have. However, I believe, the more contacts between two people, the more they will like each other. I truly love my African friends and always dream about visiting Africa. I can imagine the kindness that Cameroonians to local Chinese as what I receive from my African brothers, but I am hoping Cameroonian government make some policies like Nigerian to get more Chinese investment that will benefit Cameroonians more instead of imported merchandise only. By the way, I love your music and football team and wish you all the best.


the writer of this article certainly has no knowledge of the true economic implications for our budding industry and our country. Everywhwere in the world there is an outcry against the Chinese who flood markets everywhere with cheap and fake good thereby killing home-made products and rendering people jobless. There is no advantage in throwing Cameroonians out of the market and making people jobless just because we can buy cheap and fake goods that last only a few days.
The bad side of this story is that in China, a foreigner, particularly a black person cannot do business as freely as they do here. You can't even obtain dollars from a Chinese bank - they make the procedure impossible. Cameroonians are harrassed everyday by the Chinese police in Guangzhou and everywhere due to lack of papers and these people are considered as lords in Cameroon. No one stops them. Ask them if they have ever heard of African food in China and they will tell you no - this is because if you want to open a restaurant, you need a joint venture project with a chinese person.
They are draining our economy of the hard currency we have. The writer doesn't know for sure that any economy is considered strong depending on the hard currency they can boast of. Every state protects its hard currency, we give ours to Chinese. You may not know, these people are cheats, they are trickstars, they have no good intention for anyone and their aim is just to exploit, extort and take back the money back to their country.
We shall always be exposed to this mess. When Biya came to China, he signed a free trade agreement with the Chinese government in which the government of China personally handed him millions. He was by that killing our economy. Now, these chinese can import without paying custom duties. When I heard this, I cried - an unthinkable thing. And you may not know, some of them are in Cameroon with Cameroonian passports. The embassy in Cameroon sells them these passports and they try to go to other countries as Cameroonians and to play the DV lottery. We know Chinese, they are a bunch of cheats, never trust anyone of them.


I Have read through all the comments and have nothing to add except prayers.

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