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John Akoh

It's a pity that someone as young as Huang Fei lost his life in a senseless murder. It is also tragic that the Chinese community in Douala were not allowed to show their respect to their fallen brethen. The crime in itself needs investigating but will the truth ever come to light. There seems to be some thing fishy about the killing of this young entrepreneur. This is a case that the mafia(Chinese mafia or some one in authority) is involved. Call me stupid or silly but I smile a rat.

Amy Okello

I think Mrs Li is very right. We can get to the truth in Cameroon if we want to, but we are all too scared to "loose face" or in fact our positions. There must be a great number of people who know exactly what is going on, and I don't mean the "chinese maffia" whatever that is. We want people who'll save our economy, we cry out everyday for them and yet when they do come, we don't welcome them. Yet we continue to wonder why our economical growth is stagnant and why our brothers and sisters who go out never come home to invest!!!!
Greed and selfishness is what is killing us and will continue to kill us all.


Chinise are not the only people thieves kill in Douala,Cameroonians lost thier lives everyday in douala and around the country from these guys of the under world,.
BUT this Guy killed himself.by moving with that amount of money with a gold chain on his neck .he really wanted this guys to kill him.that is a non event as compared to what Cameroonians are facing in thier hands in china.
I repeat that is a non event,.there is no Human rights in china.you people should know what is going on there with foreigners especially when you are black like satan,(devil)as they term us.more should be killed,
Even in thier own country if one chinise dies the rest are happy they say -1,,,hahah
because they are too many,let them die as much as possible bros,they dont hv any use.

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