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Boniface Ndemping Wewe -The Ngonyama (lion) of Brooklyn

I just logged onto the internet this afternoon and through divine intervention,came across this fantastic and inspirational interview.Despite my iniquities,trials and tribulations, I am proud to have been goaded to the Lord and the Holy spirit as evidenced by confirmation by Bishop Verdzekov in 1974.I am proud of my bishop and the other elders mentioned here-Late Dr. Fonlon and Hon Francis Nkwain who assisted in my earthly pilgrimage.
I am refreshed just seeing the image of my bishop once again!May God bless you during your trip and subsequent retirement.I hope to pay a courtesy call to your grace this Fall when I visit Cameroon.
Thank you your Grace to all the people of God that you ministered to (myself inclusive)through baptism,confirmation and other sacraments !
The Zulus say Bayete (king of kings) for any job well done.I am privileged to say Bayete Archbishop Paul verdzekov!
Most Sincerely in Christ,
Boniface Ndemping Wewe -The Ngonyama(lion)of Brooklyn
Baptized and confirmed in Mankon
Currently a parishioner at St. Matthews Catholic Church,Brooklyn-New York

Canute Tangwa

I will remember this interview for a long time.It was quite thoughtful of father and the youngmen at Radio Veritas.However, there are some points I would like to share.First lesson:Humility. Archbishop Verdzekov prefers to be called Father Verdzekov.Second lesson:He is unassuming.He does not like to roll out his academic certificates as others are wont to do.Third lesson:He is a good shepherd (selfless) who cares about his flock that is the reason why he went to England to re-concretize the relationship between his province and the diocese of Portsmouth so as to smooth the path of his successor. Fourth point: when he was editor of Cameroon Panorama he used to write under the pen name: Biybe Bara. His articles were satirical and critical of society and the gov't.He was far ahead of journalists of his day and time. I read his articles exactly 20 years after he published them in Cameroon Panorama thanks to my Dad's well constituted library. Fifth lesson: he is an accomplished mediator, conciliator and peacemaker. Evidence: he played no small role in the creation of the GCE Board.Sixth lesson: he is a human rights crusader. Witness the key role he played during the State of Emergency in Bamenda and his bold stance during the trial of Bishop Albert Ndongmo in the early 70s.
Lastly, Father Verdzekov is a man of many parts. There is the deeply religious and spiritual side of him, there is the political, human rights and social side of him. I wish him well in his endeavours.

Cyril Enongene

Good interview, sorry to have read it so late. I lived here in Portsmouth and could have liked to meet the Bishop personally.

Ma Mary

Unlike many great Africans with important stories, Archbishop Verdzekov should not allow himself to depart from this life without putting his story in writing. I hope he is reading this. Please, write your biography. Get a writer to help you, to prompt and prod, preferably not a priest, they will likely be too deferential to ask hard questions. Do not dissappoint your children by leaving nothing like the others.

Paul mengnjoh

It was terrific to read your interview with his Grace,Archbishop Verdzekov.He is really an unassuming man of God and I guess that is how he will be remembered.I hope those coming after him will learn to tell the humble truth like he has done on this interview.Please let the good prelate know that we would love to read his autobiography if he ever gets to writing one.He is indeed a great treasure to the Church in Cameroon and a great role model for priests everywhere.Happy retirement,Bishop.Ad multos Annos!!!.

Afor Bernard

What a fascinating interview!Is his Grace tired of serving the Lord? If 'no', then why retire? The Church needs people like you at this particular juncture.The world and Cameroon in particular is plaqued with all sorts of evil. Why not stay back and continue hitting the nail on the head as you have been doing? Remember, once a bishop, a bishop for ever.

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