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Ma Mary

Rosicrucianism is dangerous in our society for other reasons that are not specifically Catholic. If it were simply just another religion or peculiar spiritual practice, it would not be a concern for the larger society. AMORC in the USA where it had its modern roots has a tiny footprint. If someone asks 90 percent of well read Americans, they would have no idea what you are talking about.

The problem with AMORC is the secret initiations and nocturnal rituals, which have turned it into a gathering place of those greedy for power and material goods, who join up in order to have direct links to other powerful and well connected people, who are high initiates of AMORC. This has introduced a dangerous new element to the nepotism and tribalism that has already overwhelmed us. It makes a mockery of the notion of equal treatment under the law and equality of opportunity as the Rosicrucians and other secret societies hoard all power and money in society to themselves. Secret societies have characteristically shielded members who have committed crimes from being prosecuted. There is no reason to believe that fraters and sorors of the Rosicrucians or Rose Croix in Cameroun are not covering for each other at the detriment of others.


Greedy for power and material goods? What about the years of slaughtering people and stealing there lands? "Thou shall not kill" and "thou shall not steal" the two most important commandments (which cross religious bounderies and where around before the old testament)have been broken numerous times. Not to mention destroying old knowledge and preventing people from curing the plague. Good going, thank's to the churches condemnation of medicine, objective knowledge and even bathing half of europe died! And what ever happend to "thou shall not take any slaves among you" which should have been a commandment since everyone has a natural given right to liberty and any infringement on it should be considered a sin. Yet the church actually CONDONED slavery! Actions, not thoughts and feelings should be judged. And the action of murder, force, coersion, and theft (even of liberty which = slavery) is utterly immoral. Any "sin" AMORC is responsable for pales in comparison to the evil's of the catholic church. And about "hoarding power and money for themselves" the catholic church historically is the most guilty when it comes to this, even kings had to answer to the vatican and follow the thithe law! I see your an African, well did you know during the civil war here in America the vatican CONDONED slavery, saying if a person is born into a certain condition he/she should always stay there? How does that make you feel? It makes me dissapointed in the church for condoning one of the most immoral acts which is racism and slavery. If you ignore someone long enough they'll go away and Satan isn't an exception to this rule. Repeat to yourself he doesn't exist and he'll fade out of existance.

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