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Rev. Fr. Gabriel Binye

Your Eminence,
Many thanks for the understanding and the lights of different rites of celebrating the Eucharist. I have been asked why all these? Your answer is clear, simple and just. When Rome (Congregation of Divine Cult ...)has appoved a rite, it is good to be used but always in its context/s. The Dominicans where I was trained in Ottawa, Canada do have their own liturgy for the celebration of the Mass. When I was new there It looked strange but finally, it has all the major parts of the "common" rite that we usually use. I also recall some Classes of Liturgy when all these different rites were presented. I encourage some of our Brothers and Sisters to participate in those "approved" rites and they will surely find there piety and devotion for their souls and lives.
Many thanks as we celebrate the Eucharistic Year. By receiving the Holy Communion, may we come to realize that It is CHRIST HIMSELF that we receive. Therefore there is no more place for division... nor but love and peace, happiness and forgiveness; we become one Family, one People, one Body, the Body of Christ... a kind of re-birth better a new birth in Jesus-Christ.
Your Son in J+M+J.

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