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Ambe Johnson

Interesting "other side" of the story from the UB alumni forum...
From: Kenneth Forbin
To: UB_Alumni@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2005 9:11 AM

As the German community continues to condemn the denial of visas to some Cameroonian Youths for the World Youth day celebration in Köln,more details have gotten to us. Celebrating mass in the Spreeauenpark
Cottbus with some four visitors from Ghana alongside the African community of the city, the Parish priest of the Propsteikirche
St. Maria Friedenskönigin of Cottbus Father Herbert Pollack, revealed today Sunday August 14th, that according to the German consulate in Yaounde, the reason for the denial of visas is because the applicants
had no recommendation letters from their Bishops and that most of them had no idea about the World Youth day celebration they were applying to attend. This comes at a time when some sympathizers have criticized
the German foreign minister Joska Fischer describing the move as being unfriendly to people from poor countries. While regretting this unfortunate happening, there is no gainsaying here that many of such
embarrassment would come from other European Embassies to Cameroonian delegations wishing to travel abroad.


with all respect to those who legitimately intended to attain the occassion, it is true that some had different plans. The question is whether a country being aware of such actions should stay without becoming active. The words of Mr. Fischer where nothing more than diplomacy, to calm the the disappointed. It is not the first time that such a action has taken place.

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