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richard willing

en recherche de mon ami, revd sebastien mongo. est-ce qu'il reste en cameroun? addresse? e-mail? telephone? merci.
1-703 854 5908

boris pufong

Thankt to l'effort for printing the story. my mother would be very proud.

Nigel Sunjo

I am very proud to have been sponsore by my beautiful Aunt. It is because of you, that i am who i am today, and would never forget it.

Gaston Poufong

The void that you left in our lives by passing so untimely away is felt each and very day. However, whenever I think of you, I think of the happiness you brought into our lives. Your eversmiling face and your quick wit in telling us stotries to uplift our spirits. I know you are up ther with the spirits and smiling down on us!

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