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Dr. Lawong

Like many voices in society are seeing the issue, lynch justice is not to be seen as the final solution to these problems. Our Answer to this question of banditary and armed robbery in the society of nowadays Cameroon should first be the analysis of the causes. The bandits would not go in for that, if the society could offer them means of survival and living. Most of these guys are jobless, frustrated, do not have any future perspectives, do not have a healthy family background, are tied up in many other problems, in which they do not see any solutions. Due to the laxity of the state apparatus, including the forces of law and order, where no one cares about his duties and everyone cares about his daily bread besides the normal salary, which at times does not even come, our country experiences a rapid and tremendous drop back in its civil status. Banditary, armed robbery and other problems were not the order of the day some 20 years back. With time, they take more dangerous and inhuman dimensions. My plea would be for Cameroon to see into its problems and in solving these, consequences like banditary will surely be alleviated. In no way do I support lynch justice as a last solution. Make the state and its citizens function and take part in building up a healthier society. That should be our concept with hope, patience, hardwork and prayer for God's guidance.

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