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Ma Mary

L'effort, thank you for the fine interviews about our great retirees. I have only one question. Do we not have distinguished woman retirees? Just old men? This attitude needs to change you know!

Martin Jumbam

Ma Mary, your point is well taken. We'll do better next time and involve as many distinguished women in whatever story we may be covering as possible. Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to make your voice heard. May God bless you.

Martin Jumbam

Nkosi Jacob

Pa Lainjo raises pertinent points in his interview. I will quickly remark that Cameroon has degenerated so badly that they have no respect for senior citizens. Not only have they refused to recognise his services to the Nation since the days of Southern Cameroons but he cannot have his pension flowing. Is Pa Lainjo's 95 years for age not a treasure for Cameroon? CRY THE BELOVED DAYS OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS!

paolo  laurent

he doesnt seem to have an identity himself, he seem confuse of the country he live in.
if he is a true believer of southern cameroons yesterday, then he must be today and tommorrow ,even after his death. for truth and justice never dies, except of course he is really crooked politicians as others, he wont be talking as all is gay and fine in the state of the failed union
for that i have no simpathy nor respect for him, atleast, foncha and muna did repent
before their death and acknowledged their
errors for not foreseeing the slavery and colonization our country will be fall.

Keafon Lainjo

Mr. Paolo what are you talking about, Pa lainjo is a great man, not a crooked politician as you say, he does not deserve your respect nor sympathy, he is not begging for a handout, he did a remarkable job during the time he serve the people of cameroon and no one can ever take that from him. He is not talking as if all is gay and fine in the union. You need to take your time and read his interview before posting your coments, Pa Lainjo does not have to repent for he did not do anything wrong, on the other hand those who repent are those who can not sleep at night for God know why. Pa Lainjo is the most honest and clean minded politician you will ever fine in the history of Cameroon politics. He his living a well deserve life enjoying his Children grandchildren and great grandchild.
Now before you get all fieshty and hateful of his legacy, Tell me one thing you have done to improve your beloved country.
I petty you my country man.

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