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Akendo E Ntangku

"Can man know? If he can, can he know with certainty?"--That being a question that forever hunts the human mind and the space it spans.
When a continent like Africa, being the first to embrace civilization and being home to great minds like, Fr Clemens Ndze, Ni John Fru Ndi, John Ngu Foncha, Ngwengi Emmanuel Muyong, Super Makia, Jomo Kenyata, Nelson Mandela, Jerry Rawlings and the other greats not mentioned, one begins to wonder why we all cannot just get along and become the strongest and most efficient civilization? Afterall, we have all the raw materials, the PH.d holders, clergy men, and especially the ready and inexpensive labour.
This has been a remorse we have held in us for decades and no one seems to admit what is really going on. The truth is simple. Everyone is busy being careful. The opposition is being careful not to push the currupt and dictating government too far or else the would reap some pain. The people have no freedom of speech. Everyone simply trying to protect their own families while letting the greed of the present government to cover all hideousness afflicting and afflaming our society.
The media simply cannot tell the rest of the world the truth because, again it is being careful it will get cut off. How do you say you would come up with an independent electoral committee to govern and oversee the elections but at the same time 90 percent of the board's seating members are affiliated with the government.
Foreign bodies too have simple interests in the cheap raw materials so they too are being careful not to over expose the truth or else they might get cut up.
No one could travel Africa any more without running into aids, poverty, and or corruption. It aches my heart that a people so blessed will endulge in practices so pety and if we do not recognize the problem, long after we are gone, not even a modicum of it all will go anywhere. History always has a way of repeating itself, so I encourage anyman who will stand for the truth and make a difference like Fr. Clemens Ndze, to say it like it is and one day you will be looked upon like a pioneer of a great and honest future.
Akendo E Ntangku

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