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Br. Cassian Sama O.P.

I am so happy, and very confident that my uncle Fr. George Nkuo (i.e. soon to be Bishop), will faithfully serve the people of Kumbo with the Grace of God evident in his life.

The catholics of Kumbo are blessed to have him as their Bishop. He is the one I want to emulate as a future priest of God. His zeal, simplicity, hard working ability, and joyfullness are the fruits of his obdedience to God's designs in his life.

May God continue to magnify His presence and power to His people through this New Bishop. Amen.

God bless.

Br. Cassian Sama O.P.

priscilla song

God looked through his garden and that was the best tree he found ,and which will bear the best and sweetest fruits for that diocese. MAY THe good lord continue to be his guide as he carries out the daunting task ahead of him.

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