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When i met you in Cameroon, i realised you were doing a good job and i actually had the feeling that u would be rewarded for your services.

Keep it up and i pray that God gives you more strenght and wisdom to do his work.

Boniface Nasah



Bishop George,
A good seed can only produce good fruit. This proceeds from the theory of potency guarantees this hope. You have inspired hope in me and testified that to be a good priest is possible in the world of today. God has brought you to the public via the bishopric to proclaim this message in a loud, clear and teaching voice.

Fr. Kizito Forbi, sj

Sr Calixte Josephine NDZANA, TSSF

The Diocese of Kumbo has waited for a long time, indeed, to get a new Bishop. For more than a year,Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua was two bishops in One person. I believe this will do a lot of good to both Dioceses.
To you, Bishop Elect George NKUO, we priests, religious and lay people of the Ecclesiatical Province of Bamenda, can only re-confirm our support, with our constant prayers for you, I say re-confirm because even as a Priest you needed support, only that now the support shall be increased, since the responsibilities have been added too. We can only borrow the words the Lord addressed to Jeremiah "Go now to those I send you and say whatever I command you...It is Yahweh who speaks" (Jer. 1: 7-8)

George A. Ngwa

Dear Bishop Nkuo:

CONGRATS! You earned it by dint of your hard work and devotion to the implementation of the Church's precepts. It is a herculean pair of shoes you have been asked to wear. We have no doubt that they will fit snuggly. We pledge to accompany you, with our puny prayers and support,as you trudge along the paths cleared by your illustrious predecessor.

May the Gracious Lord guide you.

George Ngwa

Sr Marceline Yenmuleh

Being a christian of the Diocese of Kumbo, I can say without any fear of contradiction that we have been waiting patiently and hopefully for more than a year untill we were almost becoming impatient. Infact, God´s time is the best and we can not but allow his will to be done when He wills it and how he wills it.
Being like sheep without a shepard, we were praying and waiting for the Lord´s time of favour and, behold the Lord´s time of favour has come so let us rejoice and shout for joy. Ours are sentiments of gratitude to the almighty God for the gift of a new bishop.
To the new bishop elect, we say congratulations for taking up this challenge and we promise you our feeble prayers and collaboration towards the up-building of the kingdom of God in the Diocese of Kumbo and the proclamation of God´s kingdom.
May the good Lord who has alloted this task to you assist you daily in all you do for the glory of his most holy name.
Sr Marceline Yenmuleh.TSSF

John Enoh

I guess congratulations are in order to the newly elected Bishop of Kumbo, a product of Bishop Rogan College. Myself along with others who were in school with you are very honoured and humbled by this honour that has been bestowed on you. We pray that the good Lord be with you and all those that have been entrusted to your stewardship. We are proud of you and all your accomplishments and pray for your continued success. May the peace and the grace of the almighty be with you now and forever more.

Joseph Ngwa Nkwenti

When the news of your appointment was announced, I immediately shouted "SCHOOL FATHER" for this is how I have always addressed you. Having worked with you very closely, {I, in Government Service in Buea and you, at St Francis and Catholic Education Secretary in Buea}, let this fond-appellation be my own way of prayer for greater success in the BIGGER SHOOL, THE DIOCESE OF KUMBO AD MOLTOS ANNOS.

JJ Asongu

VATICAN CITY, NOV 30, 2006 (VIS) - The Holy Father:

- Appointed Bishop Emmanuel Bushu of Yagoua, Cameroon, as bishop of Buea (area 13,410, population 957,000, Catholics 295,630, priests 59, religious 72), Cameroon. He succeeds Bishop Pius Suh Awa, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same diocese, the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit.

- Appointed Fr. Christophe Zoa of the clergy of the archdiocese of Yaounde, Cameroon, archdiocesan chancellor, as auxiliary of the same archdiocese (area 4,964, population 1,591,960, Catholics 700,700, priests 307, religious 794). The bishop-elect was born in Yaounde in 1961 and ordained a priest in 1991.
NER:RE:NEA/.../... VIS 061130 (270)

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