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manga che

L'effort should take into account the sensibilities of its readers. This picture is too graphic to be on the frontpage and it doesn't add much to the story other than the shock value.


This picture is not too graphic. It is a symbol of the cost of negligence. How the consequenses are not paid for by big companies, but by the communiyt instead. The poeple who have to endure this are not seeing a graphic picture. They are experiencing a graphic life.


the picture looks fake to me... there would be signs of burnt flesh and the hand holding the cable would be charcoal


Not necessarily. I have witnessed many electrocutions while on Chicago's rail system. Being that there were wet conditions, she was perfectly grounded and frozen all of her muscles which caused an immediate cardiac arrest. The bluing of her skin are evident signs of an electrocution. I bet if there were closer photos of her hands, we would see more than what you're bargained for!

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