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Emil I Mondoa, MD

What the ArchBishop says about the Sasse experience is so true. I do not even recall the religious affiliation of my fellow SOBANs. They are all my brothers first. I was blessed to attend Sasse, and no small thanks to Father Staats and the pioneer students and staff who created the perfect environment for a well rounded education.

Emil I Mondoa, Student # 1959

Paul Akama Eseme, MBA

I am a presbyterian. I had a good time at Sasse. Sasse remains an icon of learning and has helped shaped my career a great deal.
Thanks to the founding fathers...

DR. Fidelis Okali

I am an Anglican (because my parents are)but was baptised a Presbyterian.I attended Sasse as a High School Student in 1986 under "PAA Ngando" as Principlal and Father NOMI as the school Rev. Father.I had a wonderful time in Sasse and felt no discrimination.We were made to attend regular mass but on sundays we were free to attend church out of campus.There was a temporary arrangement made then for a pastor to keep church service in one of the classrooms.Long live Sasse!

victor ikenwaichi


Date: 24/5/2009
Dear Name of Contact: sir &mama
My name is victor, and I am a citizen of Nigeria currently enrolled that collage in Nigeria as you know; the currency in Nigeria is nonconvertible. Therefore, I am not in a position to pay for the required application fee. I would ask that your department and the office of undergraduate (graduate) admissions give full consideration to my application without this fee.
I have noted on the application form that I am applying for full financial support from the university to cover tuition and living expenses. Due to my financial situation, I am totally reliant on the generosity of the university to support my studies. I would ask you to consider me for any scholarships, (teaching assistantships, or research assistantships) or other awards for which I am eligible.
I would like to inform you that channels of communication between the Europe and Nigeria are very poor, and highly unreliable. Therefore, I have enclosed all application materials in one envelope. I would ask that you please allow for extra time in transferring letters, documents, etc. At all times, I will try to stay in touch with you phone, fax or e-mail to monitor the progress of my application. You can call my daddy at phone +2348064603767
I have enclosed another copy of this letter which I would ask you to pass along to the office of undergraduate (graduate) admissions so that they are alerted to the special circumstances surrounding my application.
Thank you very much for your attention to all these matters and for your consideration of my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
You’re faithful
Victor Ike Nwaichi

Edimo Lova Quan

1976/77 thru 1981. Good times, bad times.Studied with some very hard working cats who in my opinion should be world shapers.Wish we had different ways to show abilities though. Academics are great as a good education is key but people like Ralph S. Pomenji, Jacob Nguni, Victor Menyonga and my good friend late Dan Menyoli had a whole lot more to offer the world. I'd love to see more "fine arts" instruction in Sasse. Music, theatre etc. What better way to tell our stories?


I did not witness any discrimination in Sasse. I know that we should all respect each other. There is something we call specialization of labor. We as Sasse Old boys should stick together. I do have a sight that in the near future this would become real. When I was in Sasse I did kept my sight on becoming a teacher, which I did accompished. We do belong to various talented occupations. Let us keep doing the most good.

chapnji zilefcac deres. 1998 Class

Sasse is a place to be, I am proud to be a SOBAN, i was admitted in september 1997, i stayed in sasse for 7 years and was assistant senior prefect, i never in my time found any religious conflicts, we had students from different religious backgrounds. we loved ourselves and made a wonderful stay.

bobga lahpemia

well am a soban of 2002 class.well sasse was good until it came to the point where the principal decided to tarnish the image of the school infront of smaller colleges who have profound respect for sasse.it came to a time where the D.M began to control the principal and dismissals were so random and students were dismissed for speaking pidgin and the education secretary was speechless.nothing to do.and so parents began to withdraw thier children and school fees were increased to about half a million without improvement in facilities like water in respective dormitories and the construction of a new dormitory to contain the existing population which was increasing to about a thousand with no improvement in quality of food as well as other facilities.principals who spoiled the school are Fr Aloysius Ituka Ndifor,Fr Jervis Kebei,Fr Emmanuel Epie and many more to name a few including the education secretary Fr George Jingwa Nkeze.

Karl Randy

I am presently a student in Sasse; Everything just said is true. Presently as a student I have never experinced discrimination. I will like to give special thanks to My present pricipal. Fr. Peter Nouck and also a very important person who was our school chaplain but has been transfered to UIDB Molyko. He is no other person but REV. FR. George Ngalame. Long live SASSE

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