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Your Lordship,
The frustrations you expressed in your article is shared by many of us. I decided to read the article because I was expecting to get something that would throw some hopeful light about the future. I was disappointed that you simply seemed to be as helpless to effect any change just like me. I was very expectant because of you social and professional status in the country and the church in particular. If people like you could just express frustrations just like us what hope do we have in the future? I am forced to think that even if you as an individual cannot make your voice heard by the president who happens to be a member of your church or the rest of the establishment of this country, who else can? I mean that even if you cannot reach him directly since he is so elusive, your high level Bishops' conference can be a venue to make the priests and bishops and all others concerned with reaching the ordinary Cameroonian from the pulpit make it a duty to preach against these government system that is ruining the future of Cameroon's children. This people in government are destroying Cameroonians and along with it the faith in God. I believe it is within the bounds of the teachings of the Bible to teach Cameroonians to rise up against bribery,and corruption. Regardless of what the greedy selfish and evil members of government would say I think there is nothing wrong to be bold and organize christians to demonstrate against such evils in society. The timid approach by the churches on this terrible evil perpetuated on the Cameroonian by the government is conspiratorial. What the government is doing to Cameroonians is not politics. It is pure evil. The hand of the devil is there. What political strategy can these people be applying when they cannot use all the instruments which they have to supervise, correct,or penalize workers who are paid to perform duties for everybody including themselves? What political strategy can they be applying when they allow crime to ravage the country and they themselves even fall victim to it. Criminals don't even discriminate when they attack people. Even the money these people steal from the government cannot be used freely because they are afraid to be seen by bandits. What strategy can they be applying when their children like mine would inherit a country in the grasp of diseases, crime, poverty, and human degradation? I am convinced they are aware of this situation and they are indeed silently crying for help. They need to be rescued and by implication the rest of us. They are like a trapped dog that would bite its rescuer, but it must be rescued. Please if you people of the church collectively fail to use the pulpit the way Father Aristide did in Haiti then I think you are falling short of your pastoral duties. We are christians in your church. We look up to you for guidance not only in strictly religious matters but in other areas that equally affect our lives in general. I am only human with all the weaknesses that go with it. The devil will easily exploit those weak spots social and economic deprivation has established in me. I know we have to live by the word of God but the devil easily exploits our miseries to detract us from the right path. We are only human. The situation in Cameroon is unlike any other in the whole world. I have never seen a government that does absolutely nothing for its citizens. I am forced to write this way because stopping at Nairobi International airport last December 2006 I was dumbfounded. I had never believed any African country could have any public structure as beautiful and well maintained as that. The Douala airport was for me a standard for African Airports. Seeing Nairobi International I was so shocked and I could not understand why with all our resources - human and material we can't even maintain an airport let alone the rest of all public infrastructure inherited from the the colonial master and the old regime. What is really wrong with Cameroon? Why can't the government organize to even repair, not even build roads, schools, public buildings, hospitals; buy office stationary, etc. The list is long. They cannot even organize a football competition in the country. Oh my God. What is so complicated today that the simplest thing people took for granted during and immediately after colonisation this government find so difficult to do? When I saw Nairobi Airport I wept in shame. Is anybody in the Cameroon government today capable of shame? I doubt it, What do they tell visitors from other countries - that the government does not have money to do anything right? What a shame.

Neba Fuh

The archbishop, in his usual uncomprimising style has called a spade, a spade. His x-ray on corruption in Cameroon, in general and corruption in our educational system, in particular, re-echoed those good old days when morality was viewed, not as a weakness, but as strength.

The archbishop missed out mentioning the corrupt nature of some of our priests who run Catholic educational institutions. I know it is an oversight, because he(the archbishop) will not fail to criticise something wrong even if it involves his own 'kind'. The good old days of the expatriate missionaries running our schools, and the present day situation of our schools run by diocesan priests; is a good comparison I would have loved the archbishop to analyse. Subtle corrupt practices have crept into the management of Catholic schools; some of which are noticed by the superiors, but suppressed, to keep the good name of the church and her clergy.
In a nutshell, the archbishop's paper is a 'must-read' for every patriotic Cameroonian especially those of Southern(West) Cameroons.

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