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Fan Lameny

No matter how you slice it, dear Archbishop, Bishop Awah was a dictatorial bishop, who ALWAYS suppressed others' initiatives and opinions. His style of rulership was deadening to the spirit of the good people of the Diocese of Buea, and we are happy to see his back at long last. May he enjoy his retirement and contemplate the cold water that he doused the people for more than 30 long years. Dear Archbishop Verdzekov, even a bishop of the church is a human being and this human being erred seriously, but I do not think he has it in him to apologise. Just my opinion.

Emile Claude AGHA

Bishop Awa has been an assidious servant of God during his ruling as the Shepherd of the Buea Diocese. My greatest thanks to you his lordship and may God give you the peace of mind you need at this moment of your retirement.

Tabe Florence NGONDA

Well done Good and faithful servant. Indeed we recognise the good works you did for the Buea Diocese his Lordship P. Awa. I wish you a happy and peaceful retirement.

Besem Etchi

The Diocese of Buea can boast of spiritual maturity and the generosity of its Christians thanks to Bishop Awa and his team of priests, over the years. He laid a solid foundation on which his successor can build. It is foolish to think the foundation of a house is no workdone because you cannot see the walls of the house. Each Bishop adds his own talent to the building process aided by his priests.


Under Bishop Awa we saw the creation of two more Diocese,Bda and kumbo.That was great work and prgress from him.we hope that from Bishop Bushu we can live to see the long talk of the Kumba Diocese come true.Buea Diocese is too big for him alone.We need another diocese to let Gods work go to the end of this famous province.Why is it tking too long to see light.From Ekondo titi to to kumba to Mbonge should be made a Diocese.Bishop Bushu this is what awits you.We pray this dream be realised.

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