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Wirba Emmanuel

I greet u fther Archbishop for all u are doing back there in the country for the smooth running of the church in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. But Fr if my dad who is a priest under your diocese do not want to take total control of me as a father has to do to the son what do I do?
Rev Father Dinayen Henry Wirba is my dad but I can not hide this anymore.please tell him to take a good care of me in the university.
yours son and christian.


There are so many other priest who have children. Infact, most of the priest now have their girlfiends and wives in the open. They do it as if they want to mock the christians. It is clear that the Bishops are afraid of the priest. The Bishops do all in their powers to cover the atrocities of their priest rather than sanctioning them. The priest are now just too scandalous. Please our dear priest, stop misleading us by your actions. I do not respect priest any more. The truth is that I will not allow a priest to visit my home. These guys have mastered the arts of pretending. They come to your house and you think that it is a mere visit. They try to sleep with your wife and the girls there. Oh God. It's better to have one priest to cover the whole diocese than have 100 priest who preach by mouth and contradict by their action. The bishops should be real and rise up to their responsibilities. A few priest like Fr. Maurice McGill, Fr Pascal Nsah, Fr Arnold Ambe and the Claretian Fr Che Leo are actually living the true vocation life. We thank you.


Dear sir how can I get to Father James m Nsokika,kindly forward his e-mail address to me,thanks for understanding

Andong Akofu

Please guys these consecrated men are also instruments of temptation. And what is more? They are human. So promiscuity or not, let them preach the gospel as such is their duty. If you fear they would sleep with your wife or daughters, then use a long spoon to eat with them. "Breathes there a man who has never lusted over a woman?" Let him shoot the first stone....


Priests should not play the role of councelling girls or married women. Girls and women who need councelling should go to revernd sisters and boys and men should go to priests. Priest who cann't control thier libido should graciously quit the priest hood. some have boldly done that and i do respectthem verymuch.

Marcellus Werifah

Marcellus Werifah
6349 151 st Hugo

Urgent Pls.
I need to contact the Doctor or anytop responsibility personel of St John of God Hospital Batibo
Marcellus 651-428-2824

Sonia Weinstock Hamel

Dear Sirs,
I am wondering if someone could forward an email address for Rev. Dr. James M. Nsokika who had been at the Major Seminary Bambui many years ago (and may still be there). I met him at a language class in Pau, France many many years ago and would like to say hello to him!
Thank you very much for any help you might be able to provide.

Fr. Dinayen Wirba Henry

It is diabolical for a fake Wirba Emmanuel who does not say in which Univeristy he is outsied the country. Who is his mother and what is the proof that I am his father. This is one of the greatest works of the devil on the net. Anyone one reading this information from the said Wirba Emmanuel should know that it is a lie aimed at destrying the good name of a priest. I do not bother since it is a lie. Pray for me and for your priests.


Fr. Dinayen,

The Devil is a liar and for sure if Wirba Emmanuel was genuine in his claim he should have walked up to you in all honesty to tell u his story and not sit behind the cover of the internet to say such a diabolic and devil driven story. Fr. Henry, remain strong and continue in the good work you are doing to win souls to Heaven. I will beg you to pray for this Wirba Emmanuel and offer him to God to open up and confess his attempt to soil your good name in mud. Let us pray for our priests.

James(China P.R)

Che Sunday

Celibacy is a church imposition on the priests. It is not mentioned anywhere in the bible as a pre-requisite for priesthood. Read "When they Bishops", a reference to the fact that women did serve God on the pulpit as ordained priests and you will be amazed to find that Paul, while studying in North Africa to become a preacher did have a concubine as a mistress and would have married her on completion of his studies but was prevented from doing so by his mother because the woman was black.
How many of the women whom have had affairs with priests are non catholic? They know the priests are expected to be celibate, why strip down for them only to complain? I will be concern if a priest is abusing minors of both sexes, but a woman who gets involved with a priest sexually, is equally as guilty as the priest himself.
And for Mr. Wirba Emmanuel, your writing does not measure up to that of some one in a university. If you have to lie, do it with some intelligence. Ask your mom to check her diary and give you another name to hang on.

Padre Pio 2

why should some one really lie about a priest to such a degree

Fr. Batholomew Anyanwu

Firstly, when one says celibacy is an imposition on priest, and that there is no justification in the Bible, is not right. The Bible makes mention of the fact that some become Eunuchs, and others born Eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of God. Again, the church has made laws to help us keep our faith and to better understand the scriptures. Secondly,I hope the Wirba Emmanuel in question here is not the one who is now the bursar in Sasse College.if so, I will advice Fr.George Nkeze and Fr.Peter Nouk to flush him out. Some people find pleasure in criticizing priests, you as a christian what have you done to help that priest, the time you use criticizing him is enough time for you to use praying and asking God to bless and provide the priest with the graces to carry out his mission truly. Wirba, you better go and ask your mother who your father really is, she is ashamed to tell you because he is perchance one druckard from Furawah, and know that if you are the one in Sasse as busar, from this moment, you job is on the line. Fr.Diyen let not the devil distract you, be strong my brother.

Agendia Aloysius

Celibacy is a choice just as priesthood. It is not imposed on anybody.

It is simple, if someone becomes a priest and feels he cannot live the life of celibacy, let him leave. It applies for those not yet priests. If you feel you cannot live it, don't enter into priesthood just as sisterhood.

A good number of our priests are doing marvelous jobs but some people capitalise on the shortcomings of a few strayed priests and think that they can bring down the church based on those shortcomings. Of course, they can't.

For a priest to equally to come in a public space and say a teacher should be flushed for airing his views, is not the best thing to do.

If at all the Wirba Emmanuel in Sasse is the one referred to in the in article, i suggest the Church authorities instead hear from him and why he decided to propagate such information.

From there, further investigation can be made and if it is realised that his story has no basis, he should be advised to apologise and resign.

However, if his story is true, appropriate measures must be taken. Join me in participating in Positive Change. Aloysius http://agendia.viviti.com/

Nforgwei Dorothy

This is a trick of the devil and without judging a human being is a human being.
We are all trying to get there.
None except Christ is.
This has arisen many demons(Criticism,anger,lies etc).
Let us not give a chance to the devil who has been down cast as seen in the book of revelations.
Fr Batho you could have proposed prayers instead of that.As a mentor we're learning from you.
Anyway God has the final say.

In my opinion there's no need for threats as what a man sows he reaps and jer33:I Yaweh search the mind and i penetrate the heart and I reward each one according to his deeds.
Let sleeping dogs lie and we should put our yoke on him.
Those who trust in the lord are like mount Zion immovable it stands for ever!
Review the OT how miriam was punished for talking behind Moses back.

Certain issues are treated with diplomacy and discretion especially where the lay faithful are concerned.
Refrain from vain words all you participants of this grand debat please.
God bless you all and be merciful to us all.

Dr Onuora C.

Please could anyone give the details(Tel numbers,e-mail etc) of how to contact the principal (and school)of Sacred heart college Mankon.

Romuald Dzemo Ngong

There are people who do not need to be answered to. We talk about the scandals of priests as though anyone is sane, so to say. Priests are ministers of the Church. They are human. Where you find human beings, don't you automatically expect to find imperfection? The priesthood isn't a call different from others... marriage has its sanctity and how many of us out there shouting scandals against priests do keep our marriage vows? Could this be a way of covering our own fragile nudity behind the "already" dirtied robe of a priest?

It is really disheartening to know there are people who open their mouths only to rant and cuss these priests. Honest and people of faith would look at such situations with compassion rather than ranting in the need. And I often wonder if God looks at priests with the same sense of judgement as we do.

If a priest goes off the track and comes out with a child, it could be that he resisted so much as not to bring up a dozen kids.

Margaret Buam

people spend time judging others and forgetting to know we all including our priest are human and prone to temptations and mistakes they are not superficial beings.though we expect the best from them we as lay people are to support and guide them in the right path and tell them their errors to their face and not behind them making us cowards.
our priest are not the one's to determine our faith and do not spend time judging so u can as well do what they say which is right and not look at what they do which is wrong or better still correct them in a friendly manner.
To an extend, the ladies are to blame if they people say 'preist have affairs and children with ladies" come to think of it,look at the attires some ladies wear to visit a priest,what they do and say in thier presence. we forget to know priest like other men have blood running down their veins and have emotions too so when ladies go doing funny things especially with a priest they have a crush on they shouldnot expect a priest to resist that much. and some people are experts in forming stories just to ruin others.lets all be realistic and help the men who have dedicated their life to God and for us to live and follow the right track.
dear priest these stories are a test of faith and trial moments put all this behind you and be strong.the path you have taken is not an easy one so be ready at all times and try to avoid occasions that will lead to temptation and if any one has fallen let him stand in faith ask God for forgiveness and begin anew.
to the idle one's who have nothing doing but to scandalise the names of priest keep up and see where it will lead you to.
Bless you

julius c.Nyambi

I am so happy to at least find some articles on the internate concerning the catholics activities in cameroon.THanks to L`Effort cameronais.Please this is the net and it is global.Try to up date your information.This article about priest is not up to date.For instant Rev.father sergio merlini and Rev.father lucas carnascialli whom where in the ngomgham arsh dioces are not more there.You know you are our source of info.Come on up date this piece of info.

Ngitir Jonas Roh

I write to comfirm the fact that a priest can father a child let us not fight 4 Father he alone knows the truth.from what wirba has written,it may not be true but the reaction from fr Batholomew is very emotional and in a strick sense shows the weakness of a human person, fraity and the ability to sin.we must not be so passionate in looking at issues we all love our priests and are so grateful to them 4 the work they are doing but we must speakout when they run short of expectation. Fr Pascal and others are good priests but listing them as good priests on the net is based on which judgementm.Nothing can sanction the story of Wirba but nothing can justify it as well.let us pray 4 ourselves and our priests

Joseph Besong

It is a pity to read horrible stories among our catholic brothers.Thank you father for clearing up this matter.We all know the story of Joseph in the bible how he was accused falsely for attempting rape with his master's wife.Rev. FR. Wirba may be suffering the same fate.We need to pray for our priests and our fellow brothers and sisters against the devil's destruction.Mr. Wirba Emmanual who used to be a teacher in Sasse college can't be the one in question here because I know his parents in Buea.Further more Mr Wirba Emmanuel that I know is no longer serving in Sasse college since Sept.2010.

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