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Che Sunday J.

There is no better proof on record to authenticate the moral bancruptcy of the Cameroonian government than its relationship with Catholic and other parochial educational institutions. After attempting and failing to buy places for their kids in these excellent schools, the powers that be have opted to keep their money to themselves. May it burn holes in their pockets.
Father Ambe has an exceleent track record as an educational administrator. That said, does not make him a superman. His current position is very challenging and I would hope that parents and (well-wishers or friends of the church), would find or put in place some creative funding mechanism to releive some of the financial burdens on parocial education, especially at the tetiary level. There should be in place, a private fund that will require parents to pay a token amount into such a trust fund that would be paid out as a lump sum to teachers on retirement. If every parent or well wisher is requested to pay 100 francs at the beginning of each school term, this could go into an account managed by the mission for such a purpose. On retirement, a teacher should be paid a percentage of his or her salary from this fund to augment what the social insurance people might be giving them. Its unfortunate that Cameroon has experienced a tremendous population growth but the powers that be have either failed to take note of this, or have simply refused to do anything, hoping for miracles to happen.

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