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Congratulations to His Lordship Bishop Bushu for hitting the ground running by creating this secondary school in Muyuka. As Father Fundong says in the interview, Muyuka has enough primary schools to deserve a Catholic secondary school. Above that stands the need to continue dispensing Christian education in that part of the Dioceses. As one of Buea Diocese's most cosmopolitan parishes, Muyuka also needs an increased and vibrant Christian ministry to cater for God's people in that part of the country. Courage, Father Fundong as you begin this mission of custodian of a new generation of Cameroonian youth. May Our Lady of Grace Secondary School grow into the baobab the Mission hopes it to become.

peter ngosong

i am ngosong peter the father of ngosong francis.sir,can you please tell me when you will start collecting the fees of the next acedemic year and whatelse is needed.sir,while anticipating for you ful reply i remaind yours humble

Pa Ndefru

yes courses in good citizenship will bind in this type of school and children from this school and other mission schools including the christian universities will do this country a lot of good in training a new person for the future of our darling nation which has almost been destroyed by the present powers that be, HAHAHA

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