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Simon N

The death of Father Charles Acha came to me as a devastating schock to me because I know him too well to say he was a friend of mine,as he was many times the parish Priest of of Nkar where I grow up. He was a friend of all people in the parishes he served and of people he just met along the way.Father Charles Acha was a man of great charisma and always hat a laugh on his face and he hat a healing smile
everytime on his face.
Fr Charles Acha was a man who devoted his whole life helping poor people morally und financially, sponsored their education of poor children. He gave food to the poor. All that he had through throught his hardwork,he gave it all to hte poor.
The death of father Charles Acha is very painfull because of the love he showed to people he met. His Life and death will be remembered for many generations to come. I simply think Fr. Charles Acha is as good as a saint.

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