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A. chrisantus abila

Any Cameroonian citizen that reads this good interview will smile and at the same time laugh , then frown when Cardinal Tumi says ``Those are private opinions—(Laughs) So, be assured that he replied and he told me he read it very attentively``. I did not sleep the whole night pundering and always wishing to think in my mind the words the president of Cameroon(my president) must told the cardinal in reply after reading that wonderful book which critics thinks is against his regime. Please, Can you meet the cardinal again to know if this words that finally came to my mind is what president Paul Biya wrote in reply ?
``Hello cardinal Tumi, thanks for the book, you know when people read books like this they keep talking about us all over the world, hehehehehehh, well don`t border i will call you when i return from my trip to Paris. I just got intouch with the opposition party leaders to inform them that no matter the noise we are friends, they should just keep pretending as if they don`t like me so that our people will be happy.Bye for now.
Sign ,
President Paul Biya``.
Such a letter from the president to the cardinal is private and us the public need not know.Hahahahahahahhaah. WELL
My thinking is not always true. if the cardinal had revealed to us what the president said , i wouldn`t have been suffering here thinking.
A. Chrisantus Abila

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