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Christian Rosary

So The Block Rosary is now nearly 36 years old? that's pretty cool! :)


iam a member of block rosary from abuja nigeria.God bless entire members of block rosary in your country.May our lady of rosary continue to pray for us.AMEN


please i am a nun who will like to be part of your beautiful work of the block rosary crusade. thank you for your work may our lady bless you all.
sr. michaelpaul



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ATT. B. R. C

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.With due respect and all humility, I implore you to assist me financially to print and spread my new Book filled with everlasting Truths that will immensely contribute in propagating and defending the Word of God and the Holy Catholic Church for all generations with theme, Everlasting Truth. No Catholic who reads or gets this Book will ever go astray, and with it any who has gone astray will come back to the Church.. Even with it many non-Catholics will join the Church, e.t.c.
Below are few write-ups from the Book, if you get impressed with them, please support me. You can pay in or transfer into any branch of U.B.A Bank – Surulere, Ojuelegba Branch Lagos Nigeria, A/c No. 00890520146335. or UNION BANK OJUWOYE BRANCH, A/C NO.0006974229 ( Sort Code 032155554, Swift Code UBNINGLA) or use Western Union Money Transfer to do so with the above name and address. Then call or text or use email to notify me. Please any amount is acceptable. May God’s Blessings follow your kind gesture through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

( Here are few excerpts culled from the book, please go through them)


· 1. Why is it so much necessary not to neglect the authority of the Catholic Church?

Since God's Truth is changeless, I think it has become very essential to expatiate the Truth about our Faith from the roots in order to enlighten many people and most especially for the benefits of non-Catholics so that they may be more convinced of the reason why they must quickly unite with the Catholic Church. I therefore start from root of our Faith to explain why it is so much necessary not to disregard the authority of Holy Catholic church: the main reason for instance is that, any tree without root cannot be alive, so also, since it is to the Catholic Church right from A.D 33’S that Christ gave the mandate and authority to evangelize and transform the world, it means then that whoever believes in the word of God and yet rejects the authority of the Catholic Church shall be like a tree without root which cannot live. This is so because without the Catholic Church he cannot get the authentic teachings of Christ and cannot receive the means of transformation which is the Sacraments of Jesus without which one cannot have eternal life (Jn. 6:53).
So, when one rejects the Catholic Church, whatever he will be doing for God will be a kind of wasting time because he has rejected Jesus Christ and cannot do the will of the Father. (Mtt.7:21, Lk. 10:16)

2. With the above explanation, do you mean that it is only the Catholic Church that can trace its historical lineage back to the Apostles of Jesus Christ?
Yes! Only the Catholic Church and no other can trace its lineage back to the First Century Church of the the Very Holy Apostles of Jesus to whom Christ Himself gave all authority to evangelize all Nations [ Mtt. 28: 19-20] At least the List of the Popes from St. Peter to the present Pope Benedict XVI { 265 Popes} can help you to understand what I am explaining. Even the Orthodox Eastern Rite Catholics that separated earlier [e.g 1054 AD's] due to schism can only trace their Lineage back to the very time they stopped their allegiance to the Pope; the very time they got excommunicated. However, they they are still Catholics because the Church accepts them as True Believers since they are not into heresy and is expecting them to unite fully with Her by accepting the Supremacy of the Roman Pontiff as the only True Successor of the Apostle Peter the first Vicar of Christ. They are being expected to join us in living out the Oneness Prayer of the Master [ Jn. 17:21]

3. Since Orthodox Catholics are regarded as True Believers, is it then good to be a Schismatic?

No! Never!! It is an act of rejecting the Vicar of Christ and disregarding his authority.( Mtt. 16:18-19) God hates it . God does not approve it. God does not want it ! Christ Prayer for Unity includes obedient to His Vicar- the Pope.
Consequently, when a Church falls into schism, it will start to live backwardly in the Faith due to it will no longer move currently with the Universal Church. For instance, it will begin to miss the Encyclicals of the Popes, the Resolutions of the Vatican Council and will not venerate the newly canonized Saints of Jesus Christ. Besides, that Church will be under excommunication which shall make the members to lose some rights as Roman Catholics. For instance, the Pope will no longer appoint their Bishops, Archbishops, Monsignors, etc, and will no longer authorize the ordination of any them. The Papal Nuncio in their Country will cease to oversee their affairs. Their Bishops will no longer visit the Pope as usual to tender their reports. No Cardinal will be appointed from their Church. In-short the Pope will no longer oversee the affairs of their Church. Also if that Church happens to fall into heresy, that will make the members to shift from True Believers to false Believers. etc.
God is never in support of such act. Even now He is expecting those who are already Schismatics to unite back with His Church and start living currently in the Faith. He wants them to come back and start living out fully the unity which His Beloved Son cherished so much.( Jn.17:110 )
4. When did Christ mention that whoever rejects the Catholic Church rejects Him!?

What you must always bear in mind is that, anywhere Christ was giving authority in the Bible was to His own particular Church founded on the Apostles. This is so because the Apostles were the foundation members of the Church of Jesus Christ. The very Church which Christ Himself presided over for 3 years as the first Preacher and Priest before handing over to the Apostles (Jn.20:21-23). The very Church which was not only entrusted to the Holy Spirit but was also empowered by Him on the day of Pentecost. (Lk. 24:49, Acts 2:1-4).
It was this same Apostle that Jesus gave all authority to continue to save mankind when He said to them that as the Father has sent Him so He is sending them (Jn. 20:21). The same Apostles whose saving work will last till the end of time were the ones He told that he who rejects them rejects Him. (Mtt. 28:19-20, Lk. 10:16). This same Apostles which people will believe in Jesus through their message and be unified in one Church (Jn. 17:21). It was this same Apostle whose successors shall continue that carried on the Gospel until their members were called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26) and until the Church was called Catholic (e.g.107 A.D as mentioned by St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch) and until the Catholic Church triumphed over the Roman Pagan Empire (313 A.D) and until the years when the popes were sending Catholic Missionaries to convert many Nations such as Germany (719 A.D), England, Ireland, Africa, Asia, etc, and until the 16th Century when Fr. Martin Luther and others in fulfillment of the scriptures started to rebel and offend Christ by refusing to abide with His Catholic and Apostolic Church. (Mtt. 7:13-24, I Tim. 4:1) etc. This their rebellion which made them to go astray gave birth to many heretical Churches like Protestants, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, white garment Churches, etc, and put all of them into the bondage of heresy and falsehood up to date. Falsehood is involved because when one rejects an article of faith, he will apply his own belief which will be contrary to what God wants and thus fall into false teachings which will then make him a false believer. (one of the worst condition this bondage or yokes put them is that none of them use to be allowed to partake in the Holy Communion whenever they attend the Catholic Mass; and if one is unworthy to receive the Bread of Life in the world, it means that he will also be unworthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven).
Despite all these their rebellion and heresy, the Holy Catholic Church continued to carry on with the authentic teachings of Christ up to date and shall continue to do so till the end of time. Even Christ promised that He will be with them till the end of time (Mtt. 28:20)
So! Know it now and forever that whoever rejects the Holy Catholic Church rejects Jesus Christ and the consequences is that itis a sin to do so and such person shall never taste the Bread of Life and cannot attain to holiness because he can only live a false life due to heresy and false teachings. In other words when one rejects the Catholic Church, he will also reject Her teachings which will make him to be living a false life and by so doing will never attain to holiness.

· 5. If God is present in His Word and in His Catholic Church what is then the big difference between serving God with the Catholic Church and serving Him with only the Bible that proves that to reject the Catholic Church is to reject Jesus Christ?

Indeed God is present in His word but one must obey what His word says in the Church He founded before he could please Him. This is so because it is in His Church that one will get the true interpretation of what His word says. Even according to His Word (Bible) one thing is to believe in Jesus and another is to make use of the Sacraments He instituted for one’s spiritual transformation, and to get these sacraments (Jn. 6:53 etc), one must be a Catholic. This is so because any Church that is into heresy cannot administer the true Sacraments of Jesus. So, the Big difference is that, since it is to the Catholic Church right from the onset that Christ gave authority even before the Bible (New Testament – 419 A.D) came to being, she is the one that has the authority to evangelize, reborn and sanctify souls with both the Word of God and the Holy Sacraments of Jesus. And only the Catholic Church interprets the Bible in the Truthful way that leads to the doing of the will of the father, and that is the only thing that leads to the kingdom of Heaven. (Mtt.7:21)
But when one just pick the Bible without joining the Catholic Church; firstly, he was not authorized by God to do anything; he cannot even evangelize himself in the truth without the guidance of the Catholic Church. Also, since he was not authorized to do anything makes him to lack many things such as the Holy Priesthood which is the main key to the authority of the Catholic Church, because it is the priest that preaches the Gospel, administers the Sacraments, says the Mass etc. and to be a Priest or to be able to ordain a Priest, one must have been ordained by one of the Catholic Bishops the True Successors of the Apostles of Jesus. Only the Bible cannot ordain a priest. Even for one’s priestly actions to be effective after being ordained, he must still be in full communion with the Catholic Church. This is so because a Priest who has become a heretic can no longer function as a Catholic Priest and by so doing has become a mislead-er. And if one fails to gather with Jesus and His Catholic Church, he shall only be out there to misguide and deceive people (Mtt.12:30).
Also in the Old Testament, no one tried to worship God with only the Book of Law but always with the Mosaic authority. For instance, by then whenever the Priest was not around in any act of worship, the people do not take his part but always waited until he comes to offer the Sacrifice to God. So also, in the New Testament, without a Catholic Priest, there will be no Sacrifice of the Mass, and if there is no Holy Mass, there will be no Bread of Life and if there is no Bread of Life (Jesus), it means that the spirituality of that Church is in danger(I Sam 13:11-13, Jn. 6:53-55).
So, anyone who jumps the Holy Catholic Church and carry only the Bible will just be wasting time because he is totally out of the truth. Even though he might gather people in Jesus’ name and call it a Church, and might also be making noise in the Radio and Television praying and preaching the Bible, his mission will not have the back-up of Jesus Christ. This shall make him to become one of those who uses the name of Jesus to deceive even with signs and wonders (if any) (Mtt. 7:21-23, 24:24) and by so doing he will be wasting people’s time in the fold of falsehood coupled with his heresy. And with such none of them will do the will of God, and the consequences will be dreadful. Besides, whoever makes people to believe falsehood shall not go unpunished (Jer. 28:1-1, Mtt. 7:23)
Therefore, for one to truly be a follower of Jesus he must be a follower of Jesus, he must humble himself and join the very Catholic Church He founded to continue His saving Mission till He comes again in Glory. In His Church, he will get the true interpretation of the Bible and all that he needs to work out his salvation and be worthy for Heavenly Joy which is the ultimate Goal!

· 6. I insist! Could you expatiate why you said that God will not use anyone outside the Catholic Church for a spiritual Mission?

Mind you! There is now and forever only one sign to know whether it was God who appeared to one or not, whether it was God who sent one to evangelize or not, whether it was God who sent one to heal or not, whether it was God who anointed one and sent him to preach or not, and that is, God the ever-living One, the very God of the Saints and holy Angels, together with His Holy Beloved Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit will never send a heretic (non Catholic) to do anything spiritual because of the implications in the sense that the one will deceive people with what he believes. For instance, what type of evangelism will a heretic make to people when he preaches that there is nothing like the Holy Priesthood in Christianity and thus deny the people the access to worship God in the only True worship He instituted - the Holy Mass. (Lk.22:17-20)
What type of healing will a heretic be doing to people when he teaches them that they are to confess their sins to God and thus disregard the authority of Christ’s forgiveness in His Church, and by so doing make them to live in sin. (Jn. 20:21-23)
What type of miracle will a heretic be performing when he teaches the people that there is nothing like the True body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, and thus make them not to partake in the Holy Bread of eternal Life (Jn. 6:53).
What type of prayer will a heretic be saying when he teaches the people to curse their enemies or pray that Holy Ghost fire should consume them which is against the teaching of Jesus that we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. (Mtt. 5:43-48) and one of the ways to love our enemies is to forgive them and pray for their repentance.
What type of prophecy will a heretic prophecy when he predicts the time the world will end which is against the teaching of the Lord Jesus that God will end the world suddenly and that no one knows the time (Mtt. 24:36-44)
So, going through all this false teachings and many more, you should now agree with me that God will not use such person to do any saving work lest he poison the souls of the people and be leading them to damnation. Even if God wants to use a non-Catholic for a spiritual Mission, He will firstly bring him to His Church and transform him before sending him out to do the work just as he did to St. Paul, Cardinal Newman and others.

· 7. But Jesus once said that where two or three people are gathered in His name that He is with them. (Mtt. 18:22).

Of course he said so! Even God is every where!! But for Him to be in their midst does not mean that He will support whatever they are planning to do and will not force His will on them since God does not tamper with out free-will. Jesus will not support anyone who wants to bring disunity into His Church and will not support anyone who wants to disregard His Holy Mother and will not support the one who wants to found a Church outside His only Church – Catholic.
To prove this He said that He would reject those who will tell Him that they preached in His name and did miracles in His name. He will do so to them because they failed to abide with His Catholic Church, and because they did not abide with His Church that was why they fall into heresy, false preaching and false miracles (Mtt.7:22-23, Lk. 10:16)

· 8. What of when the Apostle John reported to Jesus that someone is doing miracle in His name and Jesus did not stop him instead He said that one who performs a miracle in His name would not say evil things about Him. Why can’t other Churches be allowed to stay outside Catholic Church and be preaching in His name now too? (Mtt. 9:38-49)

Jesus also said in those passages “whoever that is not against us is for us” – meaning whoever that is not against Jesus and His Mini-Church then which comprised the Apostles and has now grown into the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (Universal Church). So anyone who is not against Jesus and His Church and who wants to preach the truth will firstly join the Church and then be allowed by God to do His work since he will neither deceive souls nor scatter them.
But, when one firstly rejects His Church, he will automatically lose balance because he will base his preaching upon the attack on the teachings of the Church which will make him to do more harm to people than good due to he will be deceiving, misguiding and misdirecting them. He will also bring heresy and falsehood upon them. Such person is not allowed by Jesus to preach because he is indeed against Him and will be leading souls away from Him. In other words, any one who is not against the Catholic Church will definitely join Her, but the one who is against Her will stay away from Her and therefore shall not be allowed or used by God to preach lest he deceive people. In short, it is greatly dangerous to stand against the Holy Catholic Church because it is a kind of attacking the works of the Holy Spirit who has being the Motivator and Director of the Church since Her inception (Acts 2:1-4) and whoever does so will also lose His directions.

· 9. What is Heresy and why is it heresy to reject the Holy Catholic Church, and what are the bad effects of doing so?

Mind you! Heresy means to reject an article of faith (the Creed with 12articles) or truth God revealed. Once one rejects one of them such as the Catholic Church, he has become a heretic. And one of the worst things that can happen to a believer is to fall into heresy because it means that he has gone astray which shall make him to reject what God has instituted and to disbelieve what He wants to be believed. Worst of all is if he rejects the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church because as I said earlier it is just like rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. (Lk. 10:16). This is so because Christ and His Church are one just as He is one with God the Father (Jn.17:23). Moreover, once one rejects the Catholic Church, he will also reject more articles of faith (the I believe in God – the Creed) and shall begin to lose the means of salvation. For instance, he will be attending man-made services on Sundays and will no longer attend the Holy Mass which is the only Sacrifice acceptable to God on earth and the only place we can give God the highest worship, thanksgiving, praise and glory, and only place one can fulfill the Holy day (Sunday) of obligation and keep the third commandment of God. And once he starts missing Mass, he will be laying bricks of mortal sin upon himself, in other words he will be packing iniquity in his soul. Also he will no longer go to the confession for the forgiveness of his sin and will no longer partake in the Bread of Eternal life etc.
Furthermore, if such person happens to found a Church, he will also bring heresy upon all the members of his Church because he will teach them what he believes. And since he will not regard the authority of the Catholic Church, he will move further from heresy to false-hood because he will try to change the doctrines of the Church and apply his own to back up his rebellion. Even though he will claim before the people that he is working for Jesus, it is only a false claim because the Lord Jesus will never use a rebel and a heretic in His Salvific Mission lest he deceive the people with His name. Also, if it is a group of Catholics that rebelled and fell into heresy, all of them will be engulfed into heresy and falsehood together with all their generations and those that will join them. In short, it is greatly evil to fall into heresy.
Finally, as long as one remains in the bondage of heresy, he will be far from holiness which means the soul will not be worthy to harbor God’s sanctifying grace. In short, as long as he remains in heresy, he will not please God because the yoke of heresy tarnishes all the good works he might do.

10. But the Catholic Church do accept the Baptism of some Protestant Churches as true Baptism, what about that?

Indeed we do accept the Baptism of those Churches that were excommunicated earlier [ from the 16th Century] such as Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, etc,since every one can baptize in case of necessity, but it is a pity that the fruits of such Baptism does not last as long as one remains in such Churches because when an adult is baptized there, he immediately falls back into heresy which will still make him to be living a false life and still remain in sin. And if it is a baby that was baptized there, he will also grow up and jam heresy which will make him to be living a false life and by so doing be living in sin. It is only those of them that luckily joins the Catholic Church that get fully transformed and thereafter be living a true life Cardinal Newman and millions of others.

11. What about Holy Communion, does the Catholic Church accept the Holy Communion of any non-Catholic Church as true Holy Communion?
No! Never!! These Churches don"t have Priests who are the True Successors of the Apostles to who Christ gave authority to consecrate bread and wine into His Body and Blood.( I Cor. 11:23-25) Besides, they have only Services and not the Holy Sacrifice the Mass, and where there is no Holy Mass, there can be no Holy Communion.They all lost the power of the Priesthood when the broke away from the Catholic Church and fell into heresy, and where there is heresy the Spirit of God does not take control because He will not be obeyed since the members had already preferred what their Founders directed to back-up their rebellion.

12. Why is Creed so much important, is it in the Bible?
Yes! All the twelve articles of the Creed are in the Bible. It is the summary of our Christian Belief. You may ask about who formulated the Creed and by whose guidance was it done! The only answer is that the Holy Spirit directed the Holy Church of God to make the Creed ( e.g. 325 A.D) in order to stabilize the Teachings of Christ for the faithful of all generations. This will also make the enemy never to have any loop-hole to deceive the Church in any generation. The Creed has done marvelously to the faith so far because it has been making the Church to hold on to the very same teachings of the Saints. In other words, the Creed is the Bed-rock of the Teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ- Catholic. Anyone or Church that is against any part of the Creed is clearly into heresy and falsehood, and must be avoided.

13. But some insist that Church cannot save?

Ah! That is ignorant of the truth!! If the Church cannot save, why do we pray in the Creed “I believe in the Catholic Church”. Why would we believe in what will not benefit us. Besides if the Church cannot save, why did Christ say to the Apostles te Pioneer Members of the Church“as the Father has sent me, so I send you” (Jn. 20:21). Jesus was sent by God the Father to save us which He did through His death and resurrection, and before He ascended into heaven, He sent His Apostles (the Early Church Members) to continue the saving work for all ages till He comes again. It is the Church that will continue to give us the teachings and the means of salvation (Sacraments) left for us by Jesus. In other words, Christ communicates Truth and Grace to mankind through His Church. Have you seen how the Church saves? So be careful! Lest you be trapped by modern eloquent and clever deceivers,
Moreover, every member must put into practice what the Catholic Church teaches in order to gain eternal life because everyone will be judged by God. The Church cannot save the one who did not do his part , e.g, the one who doesn't want to get rid of mortal sin cannot expect the Church to save him if he dies with such sin.

· 14. Who made this statement and in which year was it made “outside the Catholic Church no salvation”?

The statement was made by St. Cyprian, a Catholic Bishop who lived in years 200-258A.D. during the pontificates of Popes St. Fabian, St. Cornelius, St. Lucius, St Sixtus etc. And being a saint proved more that his statement was inspired by the Holy Spirit. That statement still stands up to date and until the end of time. Even since then up till now, the Holy Catholic Church has continued to prove to the world through the Word of God and His Sacraments that outside Her no salvation!

· 15. But in 1960’s, Vatican council 11 of the Catholic Church made some favorable statements for non-Catholics and unbelievers showing that there is salvation out there?!

Salvation out where!? Let no one misinterpret the statements of Vatican council 11 for devilish purposes. Let no one misquote the Holy Catholic Church because She will not act against the Word of God that was entrusted to Her. She will never say that there is Salvation outside Her when according to the Bible God did not place Salvation anywhere outside Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. (Lk. 9:35, 10:16)
Concerning the statements, the Catholic Church made two important statements to make Her stand plain! Here are the statements!! “All people even those who have never heard of Christ receive enough Grace to make their Salvation possible” “Anyone who knows that the Catholic Church was made necessary by Christ and refuses to enter Her cannot be saved” (Vat. Chap. 2, Par. 14).
Now! The first statement shows that the Catholic Church is not condemning anyone in the world whether believer or unbeliever and that anyone who responds to the call of the Holy Spirit will find Salvation or make it possible, and Salvation can only be found in Jesus and His Church. Even before that Vatican document, Pope Pius ix has already in 1864 affirmed that we should not condemn non-Catholics when he said “we should at least have good hopes for the eternal Salvation of those who are in no way in the True Church of Christ – Catholic” “Hopes” at least because there is a possibility that the Holy Spirit who is always at work can still bring as many of them as possible to His Catholic Church in order to save them and He has done so wonderfully so far, e.g., Cardinal John Newman of England, a former Protestant and millions of others. Etc.
For the Catholic Church to make the second statement shows that whoever knows that the Catholic Church is from God and yet refuses to be there cannot be saved. And since only in Jesus could one find Salvation, it means that the first statement has a link to the second in the sense that when one believes in Jesus, sensibly he would like to know His true Church; having known that and yet refuses to enter it is his another great mistake because if one believes in Jesus and yet refuse to belong to His Catholic Church, it is still dangerous because he cannot live a true life which shall hinder his holy living, and being outside the Catholic Church means that he is automatically in a false Church which will make things worst due to he will be burdened with the yokes of heresy and falsehood which shall totally keep him away from holiness because no one can be holy under these yokes!
Furthermore, the Catholic Church after those statements continues to insist that explicit Faith, Reception of the Sacraments, and obedience to the Church are the ordinary means to Salvation; which shows that the Catholic Church will never say that whoever now rejects the Church of Christ which has been evangelizing the world since A.D 33’s no longer rejects Jesus and will never say that whoever rejects Christ no longer rejects God the Father (Lk. 10:16) and was never and is never telling anyone to remain a pagan, an unbeliever, a heretic (non- Catholic) a non-Christian, a communist, an atheist etc, and expect Salvation but that everyone should seek Salvation in Jesus and His Catholic Church. To prove this, the Church is still evangelizing and converting as many as will believe. Even among Her children, the Church will never tell a sinner to remain sinful and expect Salvation but that he should repent and sin no more in order to acquire Sanctifying Grace and thus be preparing for eternal Life.
More so, since those statements of Pope Pius ix and Vatican Council 11, do you know how many millions of souls that have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit and got converted into Catholicism? Anyway, our population can help you to gaze; when those statements were made, the Catholic Church was less than 1 billion, but now we are almost 2 billion!

· 16. But after this same Vatican Council11, the Catholic Church admitted that other Churches possess at least some truths?
Of course yes! Even right from the beginning of their rebellion they have the bible which contains the true words of God and they use it to preach the Gospel. But the big difference is that, they were not authorized by Christ to preach, and because they were not authorized, they interpret without the guidance of the Holy Spirit and thus misinterpret the words, which makes them to live false life. For instance, when they preach “repent and believe in Jesus, Jesus Is Lord, Jesus is the Savior of the world, devil is a liar, avoid sin etc”, these are true words, but when they now preach that Holy Communion is ordinary bread or that there is nothing like Priesthood or that it is wrong to confess sins to the priest (Jn. 20:23, I Cor. 11:23-30)etc, these misinterpretations have tarnished the image of the Truth they preached because these two Sacraments after Baptism are the main key to holiness, and the same Jesus whom they preached as the Savior is the One that instituted these Sacraments for His Church to use to Sanctify Souls for eternal life. Besides, their ministers don’t even have the authority to administer these Sacraments due to their rebellion and heresy!
So, when one preaches truth and lies, he cannot fully live a truthful life and God will not be pleased. Besides, the horrible yokes of heresy and falsehood upon them which they inherited from their Founders tarnish all the preaching and good works before God. These yokes or bondage must not be neglected because with them none of them shall see God! This is so because the yokes make one to lose all the means of salvation which Christ brought for mankind.

· 17. But some people insist that the Catholic Church has stopped saying outside Her no Salvation which makes Her to intermingle with non-Catholics?
What the Catholic Church meant here is what I have explained under Ecumenism and Interdenominational Services in the Book. That Catholics intermingle or interact with them is one of the fruits of ecumenism because in the initial stage of Protestantism and long after, Catholics and non-Catholics don’t mingle at all in spiritual matters. But now the Catholic Church out of love, for unity and conversation has opened up avenues for non-Catholics to reason and find the truth, she is never telling them that there is Salvation outside Her. How do you think that the Holy Catholic Church could tell Churches that are burdened with heresy and falsehood that they can save? She will never say such a thing!
For instance, if the Catholic Church is saying that Salvation is everywhere, why has She continued to deny non-Catholics Her Holy Communion and kept on forbidding Her children from joining others Churches and has continued to preach against heresy and false belief up to date. Think!
Furthermore, the Catholic Church will never say that those Jesus foretold that would lead people astray from Her can now save. (Mtt. 24:24). She will never say that those that Jesus foretold that He would reject despite their preaching and miracles are now in the Truth (Mtt. 7:22-23). She will never encourage those Jesus and His Apostles condemned their deception and rebellious actions to continue to multiply false Churches here and there by telling them that they can save. (Gal. 1:9, 2 Pet.2:1-3)
More so, the Catholic Church will never say that non-Christian Jews who Christ forewarned that unless they believe in Him they would die in their sins, can now save (Jn. 8:24) She will never say that those deceived and misguided by the false Prophets foretold about by Jesus can now save (Mtt. 24:11) she will never say that those she excommunicated due to heresy and falsehood can now save! If they can save what was the essence of expelling them. The Catholic Church will not say that those she is praying for that they may stop persisting in their errors can now save; can they save with errors? Also if they can save, the Catholic Church will not be praying that heretics (all non-Catholics Christians) should unite with Her. The Church prays thus because they have separated from the Apostolic truth, and once one separates from the Truth, he falls into falsehood which means they need to be freed from the bondage and yokes of heresy and falsehood in order to be saved!!
Finally, if the early Popes and missionaries who lived after there so called reformation (deformation in disguise) did not emphasize on the True Church and if they did not distinguish between Catholics and non-Catholics, do you think there will be a True Church today?
So, the Catholic Church will never say all Religions or Churches are the same as Her or that they too can save, because that will be falsehood and God hates that. Besides, falsehood does not lead to Eternal Life since One cannot live a true Life with it. So, the Catholic Church remains for all time the only Church where God prepares souls for Eternal Life!

· 18. What other concrete Biblical evidence do you have to prove that outside Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church no Salvation?
The Holy Scriptures made it clear for all times that it is only through Jesus and His Church that man can be saved. For instance, if there is Salvation outside Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, God would not have given us only Jesus for the Salvation of souls, and Jesus would not have given us only His Church and gave Her all authority to continue to save mankind till He comes again in Glory (Mtt. 28:19-10, Jn. 20:21, Acts 4:12).
Also, God would have foretold that another Saviour/Prophet would come to save the people but rather what He did was to handover everything to Jesus and commanded all people to listen to Him (Jn. 3:35, Lk. 9:35) and Jesus would have foretold that other Churches will spring up to help His Church to spread the Gospel but rather what He foretold was that outside this His very Church where He promised to be till the end of time, there will be false teachers (heretics, false prophets) who will spring up to deceive many people even with His name . (Mtt. 7:22, 24:11, 24:24, 2 Pet. 2:1-3).
All this should show you that deceivers cannot save souls since they will poison the people with false teachings that will make them to be living false life and thus be unable to attain to holiness.
Furthermore, another great reason why outside the Catholic Church no Salvation is that, there are certain things one needs within the Church for his sanctification which he cannot get elsewhere such as the Holy Sacraments of Jesus.( Jn.6:53, 20:21-23)

19. If non-Catholics who believe in Jesus cannot attain to holiness due to heresy, what about non-Christians that believe in God and call upon Him such as Judaism and others?
H mm! The Lord Jesus had already made God's plan known to the world that they must believe in Him to have eternal life. He even warned the Jews His own people concerning that. (Jn.3:16-18) So, if the Jews who God used His powerful arm to save from the Egyptian Pharaoh could be told that unless they believe in Jesus that they would die in their sins, who then can be spared!?{ Jn. 6:29, 8: 24} Also, if non-Christians can attain to holiness, the Catholic Church right from the onset would not be baptizing those of them that joins Her.{ Acts 2:40-41} The Church does so to them because they are carrying the stain of original sin their souls which is a great obstacle to holiness. More so, if those who believed in Jesus but under heresy and falsehood will be rejected talk-less of those who don't believe at all! ( Mtt. 7:23)
Therefore, a non-Christian cannot attain to holiness because without belief in Jesus he cannot be reborn-ed and sanctified,{Jn. 3:3, 6;53} Besides, lack of belief in Jesus is a sin of its own which tarnishes any good work such person might do and makes him to remain in sin,{ Jn. 3:18} Also the false teaching which made him not to believe in Jesus has become a kind of a yoke upon him because it makes him to remain in falsehood and be living a false life. All this shall make him to be wasting his life under deception and think that he is serving God, and to be under deception makes one to be far from holiness since his life will be unpleasant before God.
It is greatly necessary to be holy because God will not bring anyone to Heaven merely because he was worshiping Him as human Founders directed but rather because he was worshiping him in Truth and did his will, and to worship Him in Truth and do His will, one must believe in Jesus and belong to His only Christian Church- Catholic. [ Mtt. 7: 21}

20. With all these explanations, are you not judging or condemning?
No! There is a difference between teaching, explanation and judging or condemning others. I am explaining what is Truth and obvious before God and man, and right from the Scriptures to enlighten others. Even the Church allows us to teach and the ignorant and sinners talk-less of non-Catholics who are not only ignorant of the Truth but are also guilty of heresy and falsehood. It is greatly necessary to enlighten them. And when teaching someone, you must let him know the consequence of failing to abide with the Church of Christ and disobeying the word of God.
More so one has got every right from God to tell a sinner his faults in order to help him to renounce his evil deeds and be saved [Ezek. 3: 17-21, I Tim.5:20] One has right approach a fellow who is making a mistake of false belief in order to correct him. [2Tim.3:16, 4:1-12] One has right to condemn evil deeds in his preaching in order to help others to avoid them. All this is not judgment. Okay!

21. With all these explanations, are you against religious tolerance?
No! Never!! The purpose of this book is to enlighten everyone of the will of God concerning the salvation of all mankind. That God wants all peoples to believe in Jesus His Son and His Catholic Church because that is the only plan he has for their salvation. Neither God nor the Catholic Church, not even me is forcing anyone to be in the side of the truth. Everyone is left with a free choice for where he wants to belong. Besides each person has a right to claim that his religion is the best but none has right to enforce his religion on others . Even the lord Jesus never forced anyone to believe in Him . He once told his disciples to leave any place they were not welcomed which means He didn't want them to force people to believe in Him (LK.10;10)

· 22. If non- Christians and non-Catholics are indeed into heresy and falsehood and cannot save souls, why does God care and provides for them?
Let it be known to you that religion or no religion does not disturb God from taking care of all His creations whether pagan, believers or unbelievers. This is so because it is the duty of God to protect and provide for all His creations. This includes fending for them, to keep them healthy, make them successful, and keep them living till death when they will face His judgment and Justice respectively. That is why everyone whether believers or unbelievers is living fine in one way or another. This shows that God does not care for only those who believe in Him.
More so, our God has give everyone the freedom to struggle for the necessity or life in order to enjoy his blessings. Even in the Old Testament, many Nations and peoples that didn't believe in God at all, who were pagans enjoyed His blessings. This has been so because our God had already placed his blessings on all peoples and nature from the onset.[Gen.1:22-28, 9:1-4] For that reason , the sower reaps , the business man finds gain, the worker gets his wages, the miner finds oil and gold, the Scientist/ inventor discovers chemicals, medicine,car, ship, Aeroplane, rocket, computer, the Footballer succeeds, the same with Musicians, Actors, Writers etc, but in all this; what God requires is that we do what he wants, because only those who did what He wants shall live with Him eternally, while those who displeased Him shall suffer eternally in hell fire.
In other words, human beings too owe God a duty. It is their duty to know what He wants them to do to serve Him in the Truth. It is their duty to keep His commandments and worship Him in the Church (Catholic) He founded. This is what will qualify them to enter His Kingdom of Heaven. Even though He cares for all, it is only those who did His will that will be saved. (Mtt 7:21).
Therefore, one must not mistook the lovely caring of God for all humanity to mean that any religion he is practicing is the true one. He must endeavor to find where God wants all people to worship Him, and that is, in the Church of Jesus Christ - the Only Name He gave for Salvation of all mankind (Acts 4:12). His church (Catholic) has existed since A.D 33’s up to date and shall continue till the time when God Himself will end the world!

23. Are you saying that God cares equally for both Believers and unbelievers; the good and the bad; is there no difference ?
The only difference can be compared to the work of a shepherd; even though he cares for all the sheep, yet the ones that stay near him receive extra favors, so also those who fear God and do His will enjoy special favors from Him. Even the people of the old testament had the same experience, such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon. etc. Here in the new testament, among all the favors which those who fear God enjoy, the greatest is sanctifying grace which makes one to be worthy of eternal life in Heaven. That is why it is so much necessary to be a Catholic because it is through the sacraments of Jesus that sanctifying grace can be obtained. It is a sign of holiness. God bestows this grace upon the souls of those who are obedient to the Teachings of Christ and His Church, i.e, Practicing Catholics. Anyone with it is holy. In-short it is the greatest of all favors on earth, greater than any amount of money or wealth. Anyone without sanctifying grace is not holy and therefore is not worthy to enter Heaven.

· 24. Why do you insist that it is only in the Catholic Church that all peoples must be to serve God in the right way in order to make Heaven?
It is not I that insist but God Himself! God had insisted right from the beginning of the Gospel that all should believe and listen to Jesus, and Jesus insisted that all must listen to the very Church He Founded. To make this a reality, He invested all authority to His Church so that all peoples can find the means of Salvation in Her. And His Church has been from Her inception up to date and shall continue to do so till He comes again in Glory. So, God is not and will never be tired of saving people through His Catholic Church. It is those who reject or abandon or refuse to listen to His Church that are tired of following the true way to salvation because by rejecting the Catholic Church means that they have chosen the way to damnation since they will not get the means of salvation (Sacraments) any longer, and where there is no means of Salvation, holiness will be lacking and you know the consequences of that!

· 25. Why haven’t the Catholic Church explained all these facts since because so many people thought that there is salvation outside the Catholic Church which has been why they are satisfied to remain in the Protestant and other non-Catholic Churches?
The Catholic Church has no blame in this; it is those people that should be blamed because they didn’t make efforts to find the Truth. They only believed what someone out there fabricated for them, they were confused and deceived with all kinds of flimsy excuses such as
“Catholics don't pay Tithes, say the Rosary, worship Mary, don’t read the Bible, don’t perform miracles, worship images, confess to human being, ” etc. They failed to find out how true such accusations were, which made them to remain in darkness and called it light (see the Book for details of why in guidance of the Holy Spirit the Church says the Rosary, use Holy Images, Honor Virgin Mary, Confess to the priest, the issue of miracles, Tithes etc.)
The Catholic Church is not to be blamed because right from time she has never ceased to teach the world to come to Christ and that to get the means and no other. Even in Her Catechism Books, the Church warns Her children of the danger of losing the faith by teaching them to beware of false religion, false Churches, heresy etc.
So it is not yet too late for those who had made mistakes in their spiritual Journey to come to the truth in the only Church of Our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

· 26. Is there any Remedy!? Can non- Catholic Christians be freed from the yokes of heresy and falsehood and unite with the Catholic Church?
Yes! Because as God shows mercy to repentant sinners, His Church also does. The Catholic Church is always ready to accept anyone that wants to be saved. So, what they must do is this; for instance, when someone makes a mistake, what does he do? The one must firstly realize his mistake and then make corrections. So also all these Churches must humble themselves by looking into the heretical actions of their Founders. Since all their Founders left the Church of Christ or founded their own Churches because of their protests against Her teachings which can never be reversed to their taste, these Churches must look into these sinful mistakes and accept them as mistakes, then make corrections by humbly uniting with the Catholic Church. Even the door of the Catholic is always open to any of them that wants to obey the True Teaching of Our Divine Master Jesus Christ.
In other words, these non-Catholic Churches must renounce all the false teachings of their Founders and accept the Teachings of the Catholic Church before they can unite with us. The explanation I have made so far will help them a lot to know the reason why they must quickly join the Catholic Church!

· 27. What is the condition approved by God which non-Catholics must fulfill before they can unite with the Holy Catholic Church?
Since the religious practices and the Teachings of Christ and his Church are enough for salvation, it means that the only condition that God approves is that all these Churches must renounce all their religious practices and teachings and embrace in totality those of the Catholic Church. This must be so because God did not make mistake when He founded His Church and has not made any mistake so far because His Holy Spirit has always being in control as Christ promised.(Jn.14:6). Those who left or rejected His Church are the ones that made mistake and the only way to correct themselves is to embrace in totality the Truth which His Church teaches. If they retain any heretical or false teaching, that will still make them to offend God, so, that must not happen.
The Catholic Church must not allow them to retain any false teaching, heresy or false belief lest that contaminate the unification. She must not seek for unity for the sake of only oneness but also for their holiness and salvation. She must not treat them in the manner as if she doesn’t want to offend them but make them realize the mistakes and sins of their Founders which were the roots of their spiritual problems. And that for them to be freed from the fruits/yokes of those acts they must totally be converted into the Catholic Church.

THANKS FOR READING, I am expecting your generous reply. YOURS IN CHRIST


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