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Fr. David Fomanka


When the peace initiative of the recent Akwaya intertribal war reiterated the need for our borders to be more secured, it was just timely to signal the advent of such calamities, as is now happening at the Bakassi borders.
Mr. Felix Fonya Morfaw, who now reported dead, gunned with some others at the Bakassi peninsula by unidentified gunmen, served in Akwaya while I was there in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
His interest in attempting to execute Government policies, his zeal to honour the office of his state were very evident, at the risk of loosing his own life.
I consider him a martyr for the Cameroonian system.
But his death makes me think the incumbent D.O. of Akwaya Sub-Division is right to have abandoned the area until the Government steps up the security.
We still have a lot of questions to answer, regarding the way we regard some of our brothers and sisters, and care about their security.
While the Church insists the all are equal before God, there is always our human way of considering our brothers and sisters on utilitarian grounds. Even when they loose their lives we do very little to accept our limitations.
What kind of diplomacy is going on? Why would all Cameroonians not feel equally privileged. Who can really commit himself to answering such pertinent questions?
May the souls of all those who make sacrifices to work for the peace of our country gain for us the peace their lives have purchased for us.
Fr. David Fomanka

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