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John Akoh

The comments on the use of the internet in the diocese of kumbo by the very right Rev. Fr. Robert Tantoh were very refreshing and welcoming. The use of the internet has become the medium of communication for most the world over and to learn that it is being intergrated into the kumbo diocese could not have come at a better time especially after the visit of His Grace the Bishop of kumbo to the United States. During his visit a lot of parishioners wanted to know how they could stay in touch with the Bishop. What a better way to stay in touch with him than through the internet. The internet is the quickest and fastest medium of communication and yet it is the most dangerous form of communication as well. During the interview Father Tantoh was asked what is being done to ensure the safety that goes with the use of the internet. To this question not an answer was offered by the Rev. We all know that there ae predators all over the web who are waiting to take advantage of kids and the vulnerable(sadly enough some of these predators are men of the cloth). It is this question and others that need addressing by the Rev. Tantoh. It is no denying that when properly used the web is a great source of knowledge and communication. Kids are more savvy than adults when it comes to the use of the web because of their penchant in learning new techniques and their quick assimilation of new ideas. The question of security on the web needs to be addressed urgently before kids fall prey to cyber predators.

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