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dzemo romuald

I read this article with unusual interest. The author depicts a very objective picture of the intranet. I would like to share a point, it is already well phrased in the article: it is the about paradox contained in the internet world. Although the internet renders communication more facile and efficient, it represents also a wide moral and human "distance".

Communication is more than the mere passing on of information. In the biblical context, I think it has to do much more with an encounter. It is the encounter with the Living Word, Christ; the fruit of this encounter is communion with our fellow humans. Evangelisation aims at putting christ in the center, and as the model of humanism: yes, because he is the perfect man. The word we encounter in proclamation leads us out of our little world to share with our fellow humans "what we have seen and heart." It is then that life becomes a celebration, a witnessing of christian values. Authentic witness, I believe, cannot be done through the internet. We can, and surely we have achieved a lot through the internet, but it cannot substitute our way of living as brothers: we are humans, called not only to communicate through verbal language with others, but equally challenged to offer a meaningful presence that exalts and lays stress on our human values.This could not be done through the world of the internet alone. It goes without saying that services correspondence and research are easilly chanelled through the internet. But that cannot replace the value of "presence."
What i mean is this, that the human contact loses more and more its value and hidden import. There is a form of encounter of humans that has a sacramental character: for example, when they meet to pray, when they meet to celebrate, to eat together, or to partake in a simple exchange where values of compassion, service, justice, love, peace (expressing our sense of being really human) are authentically exemplified.

The internet permits encounters of diverse forms, of different natures; a lot is passed on through the internet. But a lot more is lost into and through it.

The traditional set-up allowed space for people to sit together in a simple manner, to share the joy of frank conversation, to walk a little mile together. That warmth of human encounter is substituted with the web-space with all its superficial decor, and enchanting pastime avenues...

I live in Manila and what i see around me shakes my brain out of stupor: many people spend more time on internet games than with their fellow humans. many parents play internet games than they actually would cuddle the heads of their kids. Every niche counts a good number of internet cafes stuffed with internet games where, i believe, many people escape to find recreation. And how much time do they lose there while someone, somewhere, and so close by may be living his solitude?

Yes, it is true that we need to evangelise the world of the internet. The point there would be the consciousness with which we use the internet: it could be of use only if we approach it with a mature mind-set informed of the fact that the internet cannot replace the authentic human intercourse; that our hearts crave for friendship that only the human warmth could slate.

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