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Drinking is not bad per se but the major aspects to take in to consideration are; Who am I, What is my possition and social reputations, and What message am I passing? From the above perspective I do not see any concrete reason why a priest should take pleasure in having recreation in a drinking spot. Genuine reasons may accompany the action but the interpretation by the faithful may take a different dimension. Modern theologians talks on "doing follws being" as a principle of moral living i.e actions comes after considering the person who performs it which means you as a priest should look at yourself and then determine what to do.

In an argument with a friend over this issue he asked me this question "what if one is on a journey or in a foreign land and wants to eat or drink what will he do if the only occasion is to eat or drink in a beer palour?". In an attempt to answer him I said. If the in tension is eating and drinking to satisfy his basic needs then it can be understood because there was no option but it will never be justified where one have an option like in administrative unit and even among his owm christians to go out drinking any how.If you feel like drinking why not in the house. This was an attempt which I am sure was pleasant to his hearing.

Even if a priest is pushed by a christian to drink in such places, the priest should first remember his calling and its basic fondamental requirements. Ernestly speaking it will not be good news having a priest intertaining himself in such a place. I thing the words of the Bishop should be greeted with so much concern for it will go a long way to normalise some of these unpleasant actions.

From Abidjan


We are all humans and have to work hard to overcome our weaknesses. Prayer is the key to all our problems, and as chrsitians we need to pray often so as to be able to overcome the snares of the devil.
If one can't solve a problem, one should pray for it. These words were said to me a long time ago and I have been putting it into practice and I think others should do like wise.
God is our father and he is always ready to help us when we cry to him. He is mercyful and will continue to pour his blessings on us even when we do not deserve them.
Please, my fellow brothers and sisters in christ, lets put our hands together and pray for our priests, leaders and fellow people of our beloved nation.

Thanks and remain bless


Drinking in bars by Priests is not bad as such. Rev. Fathers and Pastors sometimes need to take a drink or just visit a Christian and have a chat even in a bar. This however becomes a problem when the man of God takes several and becomes excited instead of just one or two beers and leaves the premises. This is dangerous as once drunk, one says things that he was not supposed to say and even becomes talkative and rowdy. The worst is that alcoholism leads to flirting. It is rather unfortunate that some have actually been seen with women in exclusively uncomfortable circumstances. It is even rumoured that some build houses and furnish them for their girlfriends. What a shame. It is true that in Cameroon in general and not only in Nso many Christians prepare from 10frs CFA to 100frs CFA coins for normal Sunday arms but these same Christians give from 500 to 1.000frs CFA when the purpose of the arms collection is announced for instance if it is for a building project. There is one reason Christians give for this attitude. They say they are not willing to give money for normal Sunday offerings because Priests use this to drink, eat chicken in beer parlours or sponsor girlfriends. The situation is not actually good. Most Pentecostal churches get their followers from run away Christians of the Catholic church and even quote these ills to win their folk. Reverend Clergy men and women are natural human beings like you and me, and have all the natural instincts of any other human being. However they are our leaders and command respect from the public. In the same way as people are being asked to change their ways and behaviours to fight HIV/AIDS, the Catholic Church should do something about these growing habits of alcoholism and women especially among the young Priests. On the other hand, Christians should know that a Priest is as good as he is accepted by them. In very few cases can a Priest refuse to take the advice of Church elders if they come to him in private to discuss one wrong thing or the other in their Parish. Catholic Christians; let us all help our Priests to be holy.

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