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Sr. Calixte Josephine Ndzana Ananga

As a christian of Yagoua Diocese in a way, i feel happy that The Diocese has offered the New co-Adjutor Archbishop of Douala. I know Mgr Bushu should be feeling same as former bishop of Yagoua. The Diocese of Yagoua, contrary to what many think: "a desert, a terrible diocese" is a Jewel for the Church of Cameroon. Many people who go there, come back with such discouraging comments that others are inclined to tag the Particular Church of Yagoua as one that cannot produce anything good. It is not true. The proof is that Yagoua has been able to be the chosen diocese to offer a Co-Adjutor Archbishop to the Mighty Archdiocese of Douala.There is no Church without problems. The Cardinal, himself worked in the Diocese of Yagoua. and from every indication still cherishes the Particular Church in the "Grand North" as a whole. I will like to say Congratulations to Mgr Samuel KLEDA and to all Christians of Yagoua Diocese: Courage and Congratulations too, You have a Son out there in Douala representing you.


i would like to send an email to parish orphanage, does anyone know the address?

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