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Chrsitiana Shyllon

My names is Christiana Shyllon and I reside in New Jersey in the United States. I am originally from Sierra Leone and I am searching for my sister that has the same name as me. I heard that she lives in Cameroon and resides at the Shisong Convent with the Franciscan Sisters.

lafia sebastian


My name is 'Lafia'.I am a christian and stay in California in the United States. My hometown is in India. I came across this site and saw the place name as 'Lafia' same as my name. Actually i was born in Nigeria. My father is a teacher. He put me this name. Nice to know about you. keep in touch...

Sr Marie Therese

Hello Christiana Shyllon,
wonderful to learn today almost a year ago since you put in this mail finding out about your sister. I just want to find out if anybody ever responded to your mail. If not can you make available your address so I can help to connect you to your sister?
Sr. Marie Therese

Dibia Emmanuel


I am looking for a sister of the tssf order by name of Angela Ngube if you know her where about please inform me on this email address dibiaemmanuel@yahoo.com

Sr. Virgilia Zamah

Hello Dibia Emmanuel, I wish to know if someone ever told you where Sr. Angela Ngube is found? If not she is studying in the Buea University.

Sr. Virgilia Zamah


the spirit is moving and is unstopable so sisters the good Lord shall be your companion everywhere you go.

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