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stephanie weledji

wow how great st pauls colege is

Chavelyne Esther-Damsel

I passed through this beautiful institution and also let the institution pass through me.Despite what is said about this institution,it's the best.I love this skul and am very proud to be her ex-student.


An institution that will never fade in the minds of us who passed through it.Mongsi is and was a baobab behind our successes.i love that school to date.


Mongsi, made me what i am today.He gave me all the moral lessons i needed to be a man and i am very happy.I have always talked about him everywhere i go because those periods with him where so sweet.He was a father, a comforter, a mentor and above all, a teacher.Do u guys remember how mongsi used to tell us to dance one meter from girls during socials as it was called? i love t remember that.He is a living saint to those who know his value.God, i love u mongsi and will always do.from sweden.


Today i remember ex-students who where our seniours in school. Fonge philip my( big), Afueh James, sammy Tita, Njingo pierre, Nsom Ignatius, Efite John, Efite Abrams, Etuka luis, Tchugong bonny, tchugong rich, mboh Antony etc.I love u all guys and i want u all to join me in saluting Mongsi with the sound of a bugle.

Meh Larry chu

st Paul college is a place were you vision is protected and realized.they build potentials and credentials and they are grounded with professional ethics.
to be sincere st pauls college if not of saint pauls college i would have being in the street.Am greatfull to my director
Fr Ernest ensah,father patrick malange,fr ituka Ndifor and Fr Isaac anuchem
for the care and concern they gave me througt the 7 years in that college
chu larry meh (Alias MR OBAN)
Larry the best alltime st pauls college commedain

Helen Agwu

I will never forget my time spend in St.Paul, in mongsi lendership. St. Paul was a calm learning environment. As an ex-student still missed it.

yannick tsobgny

ah there so much to say about this school but i will just say one thing thanks for all.because what i am today is because of you .thanks

Dr. Cyprian K. Eboh

I was in this school many years ago but I still have fond memories of the place. I was there 1961-63. I worked closely with the then Father Toba as the college Sacristan. Incidentally, Monsignor Toba was not the founding Principal. He came in 1961 as Vice Principal under Father Henry Olislagers who was the Principal. I thank all my teachers at St. Paul's wherever they may be for the education they gave me.

Dr. Chukky C. Okafor

"St. Paul's College, Bonjongo" just saying is aloud brings back so much strong memories of my formative years. First, I attended the then Preliminary Training (PTC) for one year, taught for 2 years and returned to complete the remaining 2 years for the Grade III teachers cert. Rev. Fr. James Toba was so instrumental in inculcating a sense of urgency, critical thinking, responsibility, pride in all of us ... wow! I'm sure he's still great! In his class, Fr. Toba would go: "You see that?" You go: "Yes, Father." He goes: "What do you see?" Or you respond "No, Father I don't see that." And he goes: "What don't you see?" I learned so much from that, albeit, brief dialectic.

Father Toba, May God continue to bless You abundantly.

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