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Whither are we tending? To oblivion! Cameroon is a nation long divided from its inception and as a house built upon sand, it will not stand unless we return to the drawing board. Visionaries can only prosper within structures that permit them to be the best they can be and to serve their people in the strictest sense of the word. Our current socio-political structure stifles all forms of creativity in favour of mediocrity and plunder. Thanks Fr Giles for your stimulating article. You should write more of such insightful articles.


Good article! It's unfortunate that good write ups in Cameroon don't make any sense to those in policy making. Our country is one of those existing in this universe without a roadmap. Progress cannot come without a clearly defined pathway. I do not know when we shall be conscious enough to realise that we have been deceived and continued to be deceived in a world where progress is so acute. Can the authorities that be retreat for once and give a chance to a new breed of individuals who are willing to steer the ship using a compass! People normally say it better to be late than never. In our own case, thise saying does not hold water for we have instead regressed into the old stone age.

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