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Fr. David Fomanka


Since 31st December, the entire people of Akwaya have suffered an unprecedented situation of inter-tribal conflict, threatening the peace, not only of Cameroon but of neighbouring Nigeria. One of the Major setbacks in correlating the developments of such a crisis, and indeed, of communicating with the rest of the world has been the lack of any communication means whatsoever. Akwaya had enjoyed the Radio-Telephone network system, which we hear was closed down due to some unfortunate bureaucratic and economic situation.
Thanks to MIVA-Netherlands, Akwaya will be able to purchase and run a Thuraya phone, which is envisaged to serve the parish and the people of Akwaya responsibly over the next three years and more.
It shall then be possible for people of Akwaya to communicate to their relatives "abroad" about deaths and other such urgent tidings. It shall equally be possible for reports regarding the security of the people to reach appropriate quarters and in record time. All these, however have to be carried out according the stipulations of the project.
We remain indepted to Bishop Francis Teke Lysinge'timely intervention through the approval of the project, and to MIVA-Netherland, who shortly before this grant also had donated a 4 Wheel Toyota Hi-lux to Akwaya parish to enable the parish be fully integrated to the diocese of Mamfe, and further facilitate movements in an area so deprived of basic rights. It will be our greatest desire to see that all other major units in this area quickly have a communication media to safeguard the security and integrity of the people here.

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