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Mbome Mbella Charles

Congrats to all the Christains of Bota mission. I have just one concern, I need the contact details of the Parish Priest of Bota mission, or Catholic information Secretary or Parish Council Chairlady, if somebody out there has these contact details I need them. I just need a clarification why all publications produced during the Centinary has left out one of the most prominent Catechist who to the best of my understanding had worked so hard in Bota mission,I think his endurance and hard work deserves recognition. Pa Simon Mbella(popularily know as Pa Catechist) whom Mgr Luke Ade Atang can testify had served Bota for more than 50 years and in early 70s received a Pontifical recognition. Even both Parents of Rev Sister Kuma and Rev Father Formukong can justify the good works of Pa Simon Mbella. So please I need to get hold either one the above persons to get their records updated.

Mbome Mbella Charles
The Hague
The Netherlands

Mbome Mbella Charles

My contact was left out in my previous comments, please contact details of Bota Parish Priest or Catholic information Secretary Buea
Mbome Mbella Charles


I remember Pa Cathechist and (one Mission Cowbow) very well. He was a staple at Bota Mission and a lot of us owe our training in the sacrament of Holy communion to him which is taught in a wonderful manner in pidgin.I still say some of my prayers in pigin almost 30yrs later.

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