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Various reasons have been adduced for how the continent quickly slid into this parlous situation. There have been a technocratic set of reasons, which suggest that the situation has all been the product of poor planning or poor policy implementation capacity.

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The post independence development efforts failed because the strategy was misconceived. Governments made a dash for “modernization”, copying, but not adapting, Western models.

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In a preliminary and general way, it can be argued that the Western models to which African countries were aspiring were those projected to them by their former colonial masters, notably Britain, France, Portugal, and Spain. These countries have had the opportunities to impact on African institutions and ideas during the period of colonial subjugation when they attempted to integrate the economies of different African societies into the global capitalist economy.

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The case for an enhanced approach to fragile states, allowing an increased and more differentiated engagement, has become clear. As a development institution, the Bank has to stay engaged in all its member countries and in particular in countries coming out of conflict and crisis.

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