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Mrs Ngamsha Victorine

My dear brothers and sisters,

This has been the most difficult time of the year as I had to accept the fact that Father Christopher has gone. Time and again I tried to convince myself that it was not true. I watched the pictures in total silence and disbelief.

I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the bishop of Kumbo diocese, Bishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, Father Seka's biological family, and all his brother priest especially those who are not home and could not join the family in giving this great man of God a final farewell to heaven.

We can only do our best to pray for father and to celebrate his life on earth. We will be celebrating the life of father Christ here in Bentley, Walsall , In the United Kingdom. This will take place on Saturday the 21st of March 2009.. Fr, Christopher yielded much fruits during his work in the Lord's vineyard. This will be the time for us the fruits of his labour and his friends in this part of the world to celebrate with Christ in thanksgiving for his life on earth.

Father, you have gone away to come no more. The space that you have created can never be filled. You will always be remembered of your good deeds. Thank you dear father for what we are today. May you have a great time with your fellow youths in heaven as you see Christ face to face. May you prepare a place for us. It is too late to come back but not too late for us to join you. Your have done a fantastic job here on earth and we miss you so much. May your soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

May Fathers departure from this life continue to straighten us in our love for each other. May we be able to forgive and see Christ in all our brothers and sisters. May we be able to prepare ourselves to be ready at all times for we never know the hour the Son of man will come for us. Father Seka probably had a list of things to do after mass and... What if he was angry with someone and planned to speak to the person after mass that morning? What if father had in mind to make a phone call to settle issues with someone later on in the day. What if he wanted to go to take his...? We could ask so many questions but the answer is this " Let us be ready at any time".


Victorine Ngamsha

sylvie Moma

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