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yawo vally

I loved him ,especially the way he Explained the Gospel.He was an examplary priest.Buea Diocese has lost a great servant of the Lord.He was simple and calm soft spoken.i pray that the Good Lord accepts his soul in heaven.May his soul and the soul of my late father Papa Yawo Victor Rest in The Lord.

Banadzem Emmanuel (upper sixth commercial)

fr john was a great priest we loved him in school ( c.k.c tiko)
may his soul rest in peace

T. Mih

Really shocking news. Fr. may your soul RIP.


thank u fr john


father j.kubuo was a model to me.he was very intelligent, kind and loving..father .good night


I had no idea that Father John Kubuo had passed away cause when ileft C.K.C Tiko to come here to Belgium on December 14 2008,he wasn't ill he looked healthy.It's a pity he passed away so soon,i enjoyed the way he served the mass,he was a man of dignity and respect,he was a real philanthropist,with his calm and reassuring voice you'll be ceartain that everything's gonna be alright.He was a good ang examplary father.And by his good works,serenity and simplicity i pray that the King of Kings will accept His humble servant into His eternal kingdom.


I pray that the good Lord accepts him into his heavenly Kingdom. Fr. J.K R.I.P

Nkwakep franck   Form 4GB

father JOHN was more than a father to us and may he be with the good Lord who called him in heaven

kevin mpafe

i always remember him for his knocks on the head when we slept during prep in sasse col.he waited patiently for those wearing glassed to nod their heads as he could not see passed the thick lences.then the hammer fall boom and the whole class bursts in laughter. he was jolly good.we thank him for that cos were we are today is thanks to those knocks

Joseph  tabe

I love you Fr. John Kubuo, God is light!!

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