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Alex Bofu

The writer is mistaken and in great error. We should follow the teaching of the Bible not Catholic or any other many's devices.

If the catholics are holding on to the true faith why do we not see the signs that Jesus said will follow them that believe. Mark 16. If these signs are not in the midst of a people the presence of God in their midst is questionable because God must confirm his presence. Otherwise we are preaching human philosophies.

True Religion Outlet

Times and Roku is what thye ARE NOT doing by keeping old business models while inventing new ones. Sort of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Roku rolls out new platforms but hasn't tackled the key question of selling more boxes. You need one for each TV. Why not discount multiple orders for people with more than one TV? Financial Times wants to make online access free or pay depending upon the frequency of use, but it continues to charge customers TWO fees if the customer subscribes to print AND wants an subscription online as well. Do the people in office A ever talk to the people in office B

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