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G Agbor

It is all very well for the government of Cameroon to claim on paper they are tackling corruption issues. Their efforts are perhaps little too late now since the soul of the country may already be lost to money and greed through corruption and fraud. Where do the little people learn this from? They learn it from the head...and whether or not Mr Biya is personally corrupt is not the issue, the FACT is he has not tackled corruption problems effectively due to lack of vision and interest from the ruling party members. The rot has built up for more than 20 years now. Self-interest has become more important than efficient service delivery to the masses. Cameroon should be in a better way than what is right now. Hopefully the Church can see sense, develop conscience, soul and respect within its parishes....and maybe the future can be better for Cameroonians one day. The way to do this is to have zero tolerance on corruption issue no matter your position in power. Police, public servants, education chief, businessmen, airport employees, etc..Church has a role to empower people to stand up for integrity, honesty and justice in this society. The church has to speak up even when the government or Mr Biya is not doing well on handling issues. The corrupt behaviour trickles down from top to bottom...it makes you want to cry when you see the hurt caused by corrupt souls in this world. I pray for God to awaken people to fight back for the right to live in a fairer society run by a competent and accountable government.Amen.

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