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Lawong Gilbert

I am impressed to read of the Church's engagement in installing institutions at the aid of her people, who, compared with the past, will henceforth have right health care at the right time at an affordable price, thanks to the new knowledge acquired and their contributions.
My concern as a health specialist rises up, when I observe BEPHA spokespersons try to confuse the local populations by advising them to leave the already installed and good functioning initiatives like the Kumbo Mutual Health Organization, which, since its installation, has done more good to the people.
My appeal at this moment is for both of the initiatives to seize from such concurrent practices and work hand in hand for the health of our people. It is not time to compete now, but time to convince every Cameroonian to become a member of any of the genuine institutions in order to fight the ill of disease in our society. When the market must have been saturated - I suppose in 50 years, provided the development remains positive, everyone may have the right to do advertisement against the others, provided he or she really makes qualitatively better offers.
In the mean time the main message should be this: Each and every Cameroonian should get him-/herself and his beloved ones registered in one such institution. The developed world can boast of a good going health system, just because the population are members of the health insurance. The development of these insurance schemes took decades.

Greetings to all!

Dr. Lawong (Surgeon)

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