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Message to Mgr. Joseph Atanga
I wish a very fruitful Episcopacy to Mgr. Atanga whom I know since we were still in college, and then I lost his whereabouts. I am so happy to discover this posting that allows me to let Mgr. Atanga know how proud I am of him being who he became.
Mgr, this is my first good news in ten years, and I thank God for making me aware of it.
As I conglaturate you for everything you achieved,I am pleased to inform you, too, that I have been converted now to the Roman Catholic Church and honored to recieve the gift of Holy Spirit. That is why I feel very motivated when I see your image as Bishop. Will it be to much asking if I ask for your blessings? And I pray for you and your entire family as well. Please, let me know if you got this message.
Once more, I thank, praise God and wish you all the best now and any time from now.

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