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yawo vally

A well deserved Rest.It is but normal that Every worker must one day go to rest after doing his work.All of us know that one day our energy will not be enough to render service to our peoples.As you go to work everyday so you must think and prepare too for retirement.It is only Greedy peoples who dont accept retirement.Our Cardinal that was a job well done.You can now have a great retirement.Cardinal Tumi has shown one good example to our greedy brothers who doesn,t think that retirement is an option.There are so many greedy peoples in our Gov,t this days who do not conisider retirement an option.from paul to john to Frederick,to Bouba,they all want to die greedy.What a shame.take courage and do like Tumi,the Great man not only of God but of Cameroon.Paul you have to be the next old brat to go.you are no longer useful to Cameroon and to your peoples.You need rest.You ideas are old now ,we need fresh new ones.Tumi,you are a great man .Have a well deserve Rest.Take care.So long.Yawo Vally,China.

mary kemjei

In human terms, one would want to think that a man like Cardinal Tumi should not stop working. however he has to stop administration and take on solely his pastoral duty to the many people of God who are looking up to him for spiritual nourishment.
your Eminence, you have done well and now is the time to sit back and count your blessings. Thank you for making some of us know God through you.may the good God bless you and pray for us who are following your footsteps in the religious life.
I admire the womb that bore you and the breast that suckled you may God bless that source of you.
Sr. mary Kemjei, Bamenda

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