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Mirabel Fru

Thats not true Mr. If Sasse is falling, the priest you mentioned is not responsible. it might also interest you to know that the demise of Sasse College did not begin with the arrival of Bishop Bushu. All this faithful shepherd has been trying to do over the years is revamp Sasse. If you browse further in this website, you will find articles on some of the strides attained so far.
Are you aware of the fact that natural factors cause some individuals not to perform well in certain areas? Besides priests are called to serve; and shd be willing to be moved anywhere anytime - as the need arises.
Also, are you so burried in your greivances that you cannot even appreciate what both the Bishop and Fr Nkeze are doing to the education terrain in Buea Diocese? Just look at the new schools, educational reforms, salary increments, a teacher training college by the Catholic church , a soon-to-be full-blown university etc...and you still pick holes in thier tenor?


One of the problems with the education family in Buea Diocese is the unfortunate tribal accumulation of posts of responsibility.This is what the church always criticises of the Cameroon gov't but discretely practises it.For example How can someone like Mr Tandu Bernard (from Fr George Nkeze's area)hold four different posts of responsibility while older and even more experienced teachers who have been serving the system without any querry be without any post.Mr Tandu earns his salary as an Economics teacher in S.F.C Fiango-Kumba, earns a good allowance as the Dean of studies in the same school and at the Diocesan level, he has a good allowance as the Dean of Studies of all the Deans in the diocese; he is the Registrar of the Diocesan Catholic examination Board controlling about 20 millions FCFA alone and a supplier of A/L Economics textbooks(vol 1 and 2)hastily written just for this market.
Their colleagues with whom they started work together are virtually all principals in the Presbyterian and CBC systems. Check this out !!!
I agree with the fact catholic schools both in the primary and secondary levels have recorded the worst results as of late just because of the poor disciplinary measures put in place i.e the so called progressive discipline where a student will have to commit a minimum of about 10 serious crimes before dismissal could be pronounced; all of which the E.S has to be copied in writing one after the other.
From a concerned insider !!! All these facts are verifiable. Bye !!!!!!!!!


The idea of a performer or entertainer who breaks taboos and adopts fruitful ideals in a particular milieu,others may see it offensive and others will appreciate. Despite the new renovation in the Catholic Education family and the increment of workers salaries, New Dormitory built in Sasse and a Practicum Bus Bought yet you still complain. If I may listen to your ideals you were highly considerate on post of responsibility not change in society, forgetting to know that a priest was to serve not to be saved, if Fr. Andrew can be called to serve where ever need arises don’t question. (He is Canon Lawyer) as i know, His Bishop might call him to serve where in the diocese as a priest not as a “Banuaa man”, and because he can stand up to defend the Church Laws. The Bishop knows what he is doing.

Simplice Ndichia BIROCOL


Ha, massa, I am a catholic as yourself Mr Ndichia, I am a SOBAN, the way we left that skull many years ago it is not the same now, very poor academic performance, very poor discipline, is that how Sasse should be? No, that was not the ideals of the founders of Sasse College, you can talk, after all BIROCOL is not in this situation. Talking of practicum bus, do they eat practicum bus, the bus is not the point of interest here, but the fact our alma mater, is being regarded by outsiders as living on pass glories. Why should Sasse be living on pass glories? Sasee should always be the great college it used to be? How can a school mhave 5 principals in 5 years, that is absurd, in this situation, what is expected, can anything good come out from it, if not a combination of different ideas by different princippals in the mind of the students thus causing them to be very confused. How come we are hearing of homosexuality in Sasse College, Oh God. I hear, some years back some of such people were caught but were not dismissed, because of Fr. Nkeze's progressive discipline junk of a policey, last year I hear, a student from BIROCOL who became spirirtual prefect, whats that his name, i think it should be dikum , caught and sorted out about 37 students, however only 6 were dismissed with instructions from fr.Nkeze, what happened to the others,progressive discipline, they were kept, and were taken every friday to atten intercessor of the Lamb in molyko organised by almighty Fr.Nkeze, as long as such students are sorted and not dismissed they will continue to spread that immoral idea to the young ones.Thank God almighty Fr.Nkeze sent a good principal to Sasse this time around fr. Peter Nouk, I think he is doing a good job, we hope almighty Nkeze does not transfer him after come june.


Excuse me, when you say the Bishop knows what he is doing what do you mean? What does Mgr. Bushu know apart from saying that is a "terrible thin nor" Fr Andrew, is a priest,take away the issue of Canon lawyer, I blame Bishop Awa for even making the mistake to choose Fr,Andrew to be the priest to go and study the canon Law. There were better priest who could have gone to study that, we had people like;Fr. Jervis k
Fr.Jude Thaddeus Mbi, Fr Patrick Malange and others.This are priest who could have been sent to studey but instead the Bishop sent show-show Fr.Nkea.When I hear someone say the bishop knows what he is doing it pains my heart so much, if he knew what he was doing would he allow priest to get seriously sick and not fly them out for better treatment, the diocese complains of lack of priest yet it cannot take good care of those they already have. Fr. Abraham was seriosly sick, he was sent to shisong, no doubt shisong is good but for better treatment, abroad is still better, he was suffered and died, same thing with Fr John Kubuo sick went to shisong, could not be flown abraod for proper medical attention, same goes for Fr. Michael Ngwa Suh, sick the far they could go was send him to y'de, it is still in Cameroon, we all know our health care and expertise level in cameroon, abroad is still better, then why not fly this ailling priest abroad for proper medication, but allow them to suffer and die in Shisong, the doctors in Shisong cannot solve certain ailments. If there Bishop was to fall seriously ill now, within one week he will be in America or Europe for medication, then why not the priest who do 80% of the church work? I think this should be given a thought. and not just sit there and tell me the Bishop knows what he is doing.

kevin mpafe

alot of gross malpractices and doings have been going on in the catholic church as a whole and buea dioces in particular.i wil first opf all say the bishop and fr george nkeze who have been the topic of recent in relation to their management.they have done alot, yes and alot is still to go.befor u build a good house on an existing one ,u have to damage the first foundation which time has made it rotten.medically u use high voltage electricity to shock a patient6 bak to life if u think his heart may stop any minute in an emergency.what am saying from my perspective is that IF U WANT TO TASTE CHARACTER ,GIVE A PERSON POWER.this constant rechufflement is to look for the best for us the benefactors.in the short run it looks bleak but my dear catholics look in the future not arround u.managers say forcast.


Please when you are not inform about church administration, please ask your questions rather than saying things that will bring your condemnation. Concerning fr Nzeke and Nkea appearing on appointment because there are competent and produce results, the church need people who can make things work, who can bring good strategies in the implementing of projects. please, your view and the Bishop are different. thank God for our new Bishop Bushu for his dynamism and taking risk into venture. Bravo his Lordship and let the almighty keep given you more ideas and keep appointing people who cam make your vision work.


I think the Bishop is doing a fantastic job.If we compare his achievements since taking the helm in Buea, we must be honest and say that he is by far better than what we had for close to thirty years.
Father Nkeze and Andrew are good people. This does not mean that they are perfect. Like other human beings they are trying and should continue to try to attain human perfection. There is no issue of tribalism here. Having chosen the Priesthood as a calling, they belong to the enlarged family of Christ. An individual can handle several offices provided that he/she is performing and yielding desirable results. Why have we not questioned why St. Paul who was not even amongst the twelve chosen by Christ became the greatest apostle, writing most books of the new testament? Despite all that he did not challenge St Peter as leader and immediate successor Christ. Let us leave our tribal sentiments behind and keep the entire church in prayers.

Rachel Fongod

Permit me comment here that you cannot catch a baby lion without killing the mother. This goes to the issue of the falling standard in Catholic education. if we dual on Sasse we have to first start with the schools where most of these children are coming from. From all indication most of them yield from Catholic Primary schools.I method of teaching is poor. Most pupils leave Class 6 without knowing how to read. So the i think the target should start from Primary. They should try and copy the method of teaching of Private Schools taking in to consideration that Salaries now are encouraging



DION (Bomaka)

all of you are right but think what ever you say beofre wirting. i believe the Bishop appoints with the grace f God not even so but who ever is appointed by the Bishop is merit base is not because of bias. take the case f mr tandu. he merits all the osito because if you look at it carefully, you will discover he has ideas in all areas and can function perfectly. let them d what they know is god because is not for their interest but that of the people. everybody must not be satisfied. they know the situations and what ever they are doing is to remedy it. PLEASE LET YOUR BLAMES LYE AND SEE HOW THEY OPERATE. GIVE THE BISHOP TIME EVEN TOUGH HE HAS DONE ALOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT THAT WE CANNOT SEE. HE IS STILL STUDYING THE DIOCESE. HE HAS NOT BE LONG ON SIT REMEMBER BUT HAS DONE SOMETHING FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT DO EVEN IF GIVEN 40 YEARS N SIT. LETS APRECIATE WHAT HE HAS DONE AND WHAT HE IS DOING. "IS A GOOD THING NOR" ATLEATS HE SAYS THAT BECAUSE HE KNOWS IS A good thing. and he cannot change no matter.
all we need is prayers

we know we lack priest in Buea, where ever they are taken to for treatment. if God says yes no body can say no. and why blaming how do you knowtheydon't have plans flying them abroad
don't abuse men of God

Baiye Tanyi Samuel

Time is neutral and does not change things. With courage and initiative, leaders change things.Ignorance is really a disease.please Let us not blame Bishop Bushu for what we don,t know.He is the leader in the diocese now and he cannot impact any reforms in the diocese he knows we down the progress of the diocese.Though we do agree that there are some short-comings in the diocese especially in the education milieu,let us be truthful to say that the successes registered so far, by far out-weighs the failures.To me what i think is necesary is to call on the blessed Mary to intervene and help our beloved Diocese.As for SAJOS,lets pray because things don,t go well at all times no matter what is done.Birocol is not perfect though so they should not be left out.

joseph Besong

I am not a soban but happened to be a biroocolexsan but i am proud to have served Saint Joseph's college Sasse for three years from 2007-2010 as an English language and Literature teacher.Commenting on Sasse college on the domain of Academic and Moral standards, i think Sasse College is doing great though with her own short comings.I can boss to say Sasse boys now behave better than in the later years.In 2010 G.c.E results Sasse college got the best overall performance in the whole nation both at the Ordinary and Advance levels.They scored 100 percent at both levels with number and excellent grade.IN 2011 sasse need well with 100percent score at both levels still topping the chart in Cameroon.Let's praise Sasse intead of condeming her progress.

Joseph Besong

I think Sasse college is making real progress both in spirituality and academic.Real Sobans should be there at all time to protect the image of their school.For now no mission college can compare Sasse college in terms of academic excellence.They are just the best and any one who speak negatively about her is just being jealous.If you want to know this truth I urged you to consult Cameroon G.C.E Results from 2007-2011.Ahead ahead Saint Joseph's College Sasse and Catholic Education Family Buea Diocese.

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