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Fada, I had the opportunity to greet you just once but has read so much about you and your writings.

God gave you many gifts and used you to bring many to him, May he continue to use you to bring as many peopls as possible to him where I know you live and close to him now.

Formbah Giovanni A

The miracle of your life has been the wonders of the Lord to mankind. Your death has been a shock to many, but a joy to your beloved who have lived in your passion. We rejoice as you are with a host of Angels, singing the joyous hymns in Heaven. What more can man pray for a good and perfect pastor and shephard, except unending life. Please Fr Paul pray for the priests, seminarians, minor seminarians, religious and all the lay faithfulls you have left behind. I always will pray for one thing, that your love, the love you preached, remains forever, untill we meet in the Lord's paradise.


Great people die but their greatness lives forever. Through confirmation Bishop Pual sild me with the holyspirit, He blessed me, as a member of the Guilt of st stephen at St joseph cathedral Bamenda July 2001. Fr Paul, as you journey to eternity,I shall continuously pray for you ,as I try to live your teachings each passing day of my life. Pascal Nche. Texas USA.

Br. Marc Nguemo sch.p

The lord through you gave to the church of bamenda a Pastor that will always remain for us a gife, dear father Paul, i remember being your mass boy for 11years in mankon bamenda and from you i got to know what it take's to be a servant and how to LOVE those you serve. from you calmness of each day we spent at mass i came to meet God and to say yes to His call in my life and today, as a religious, i try to follow your steps so as to be nothing but a happy man in this way of life that i am now leaving. sure you will be happy to know that most of those your mass boys today are also trying to open up to the Lord so as to be good and happy priests for our local church of tomorrow; all i can which you dear Fr. Paul is happiness by the Lorsd's side and sure we shall meet one day. BRAVO.

buam margaret

Dearest Fr.Paul
though u have been laid to your final resting place i still find it hard to accept the fact that you are no more and i firmly belief you are with the heavenly father watching over us. please continue to pray and intercede for us to follow your example and be ready as you were.
we miss you and your encouraging words so much.i will always remember you and your last words to me two weeks before your dead.
Adieu till we meet again.
Buam Margaret


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baring tombi annette

my arch bishop, u taught me how to belong in christian group,u were my father when i was in cadet big mankon after youth,All this have remain in me still date.The day you give me comformation change my life completely your hand on my forehead open the gate for heaven you was really blessing to all those that you touch.May the good lord in his mercy give you a good resting place, your mission have been accomplish Rest in peace my dear Archbishop.


He was a man of integrity..who demanded unquestionable limpidity from his Seminarians.

tume ruth

his death was like an encyclopedia burnt into arches.we love you all.

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