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Yenjong Rita Ngabir

good day. i wish to enquire if the university offers master or post graduate programs in Marketing and social sciences.Please keep me updated with the procedue for admissions.Thanks

Nosimbang Prudence

Good day. i would like to know if the university offers master or post graduate programs in Marketing and social sciences. Also what is needed to get admission. Please keep me updated with the procedure for admissions.Thank You

kevin mpafe

i do wish to expres my feelings as not happy to wat i just saw in relation to the admission process.i have searched info concerning this for a long time, even fr jervis does not know wat is going on in tha conserning buea and refered me today to fr george nkeze, now its over.i was told not to wottr by priests that brouchures and leaflets wil be available in parishes and now this.in hope there is still a chance coz i have done alot and ivestigated alot and those u think know in the dioces dont know. pliz many chatholics who pay thier dues as catholics are in a fix.do u know how many chatholics who diont recieve l,effort .all info are given to them by parish priests.info about little shcolls are given every sunday at announcements and now this.refrace this issue i believe its a dream

adele lula

How do international students register and where do they take the exam. What about workers who want to further their education. Do they hae to be twenty five and below. Please be more elaborate and explicit with the informaton.


Greetings to all,
I wish to know what it takes to do a research masters in Business law. I am in the University of Yaounde II and finishing my degree program in July. Please kindly inform me soonest, so I can properly prepare to up the admission demands.

entrance exams

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Ngwa Raymond

Good morning.
I have noticed that the catholic university of central africa in yaounde does not have enough information on its website that can help applicants know the departments or courses offered both at undergraduate and post graduate.The university SHOULD developpe its wedsite to simplify inquiries and admissions. Please i will like to know the courses offered at master level under the department of the judiciary and political science. I DONOT KNOW IF YOU OFFER: (1)DIPLOMACY AND HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE (2)MANAGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL COMFLICTS. I will be grateful to receive your reply urgently to enable me situate myself. MAY BE IAM NOT ON THE CORRECT WEDSITE . LET ME HAVE YOUR WEBSITE .THANKS


good morning,sir.I will be deligted to know if your university offers post gaouduat program into business administration,precisly banking and finance,humaan resource management.if yes then let me know.

ngango lynda

how to enter school of ingineering specially agricultural ingineering at bamenda; is the school of ingineering operational? is there any entrance exam?



jordan retro 5

Where do I find out about: at what age my daughter is allowed to participate in high school setting? Has there been a law passed that will allow her to continue until 22? She will be 21 on June 8. Her graduation/last day of school is June 1. At this time it would be better to our family situation/and her needs that she continues 1 more year. Is it true?


Catholic University of Cameroon Bamenda

University Institute of the Buea Diocese

Catholic University of Central Africa

To all,
Yes the Catholic University of Central Africa offers graduate programmes in Marketing and Social Sciences but none in business law or diplomacy.

Please see list if Masters programmes at UCAC via link below:

This university also admits international students regardless of age. Please refer to the websites of all Catholic Universities above and contact them via phone or email for more details about their respective courses and programmes.

God bless

Romuald Dzemo Ngong

This is incredible!!! Only those below 25 years have right to the quality education offered by the Catholic University? This falls greatly below the mark. Makes very little sense.

Teneng Honorine Lum

greetings to all
wish to know if the catholic university offers a post graduate course in financial management or financial analysis. I hold a bachelor's degree in Management and would wish to any of the above mention courses in masters in your institution. Please give me a high-light this so that I can take an evening course in masters.Thanks
Teneng Honorine Lum


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Ngong Clouvis Johnbang

Hi there;
I wish to know the conditions required to under take a maters degree in Accounting in the Catholic University.

Fontem Kidzeru

hello,hope all is well with all of you.please, i will be very happy if you could tell me whether the university offers a masters in public health and wat it takes to be admitted for the program.i have a b.sc in zoology.

Kuatche Tala Francis

I am a Bachelor degree Student at Siantou University complex Yaounde and would like to continue my masters program in Accountancy is it possible if yes what do i do then.

Lukong Quinter Ghaila

i wish to get the requirements for a course on the "MANAGEMENT OF INSTITUTIONS" for workers or say internal candidates.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Samain Karinton

hello please what of those who wrote the GCE A level and were borders we knew nothing about the entrance concour . what do they do to get admission into the university?


how can one register or apply now.i was ignorant of the date and procedures.


now that the entrance exam has passed is the not another way of gaining admission into this university.

SAmuel Johnson

Good day, Please I wish to find out if there is a school of engineering in the Catholic University of Yaounde and what are the admission requirements into this school of engineering.

Judith G.M

Someone please tell the catholic university in yaounde and perhaps in bamenda too,to take out the age requirement for undergraduate program, it does not give the catholic church a good image. There are older people out there looking for a fresh new start in quality education. whatever their reasons, its just absurd.

Agbor Joakim Eyong

Good morning,sir.I will be glad to know if your university offers post graduate programs into business administration,precisely banking and finance,human resource management.if yes then let me know and the formalities for admissions for academic year 2011/2012. Thanks sir.

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