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Are there saints now in kumbo Diocese or any Diocese in Cameroon please? As i read from this beautiful fatherly visit of His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo to the Ndzevru Quasi Parish. He visited some SCC's dedicated to St. Augustine of Ndzevru and St.Cecilia of Nge'ndzen. Can i be clearified please.

Pray for us who long to attend mass, long to share in the body of Christ but can't find a place to worship yet others are busy selecting priests or bishops to recieve communion from.

Those who select priest to recieve communion are doing no good to themselves as there is no difference between communion recieved from a particular priest or Bishop as it is the same body of Christ being distributed by mortal man called for that special duty.

A particular bishop or priest has nothing to add or subtract from the solem act of giving communion.
The reciever benefits from the blessings and graces accompanying the blessed sacrament which is taking Christ into a clean soul. Recieving communion from the hands of the pope with an unclean heart won't make u clean or better than the christian who recieve from the priest indiscriminately. The sinner will only be set free by the solemn act of Confession as each sacrament carries with it a special duty and only with a clean heart can one be blessed in recieving communion.

Thanks and wishing all Christ faithfuls a wonderful and happy Easter.


Mr James you should understand when the the writer says St this of that....lets not always seek to see a black spot in everything we read.Ok MAy be Saint....SCC of ... would be better.is that what you wanted?


Mr. Tah,

I disagree with you there my brother. I think the writer should understand readers will not all be like u who can read errors and correct them silently. Seeing it the way i saw, it can also be a good pointer for the writer to avoid some of those mistakes if at all you say it is a mistake. I just wanted to find out if there are saints now in our country and that was it. If it was a mistake, don't u think u made a second one by trying to play down on my worry instead of answering my straight forward question?
Happy Easter.

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