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Desmond Ndikum

OH Father Ngwa Suh,so it is true I rememeber your usual slan "is a beautiful thing nor" we will miss you and your consoling smiles,we love you but God loves you most ,go and rest in peace Father in the bossom of the Lord

Rachel Fongod

Oh! Fada Mic , words can't express how much we will miss you. Your cheerful nature, the smiling face you always wore. Anselm could not believe me when i told him the breaking news of your passing away.May you find rest where there is no pain and sorrow.As your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our heavenly Father
Fare ye well Fada Mic, Till we meet to part nomore

Yogo Helen Nohgwe

OH My God, I wish it were not true. Its so hard to believe,my heart is so heavy. Father Mic, a servant with indescribable simplicity. Yet he went about with his mission, doctrines and preachings as if nothing was wrong, in his constant smiles and simple choice of words. A servant who believed and preached about family unity, my family have been so blessed reading your book. I will always remembered your advised on taking strong positive decisions in truth because in your opinion, our world was greatly changing. So youths have to be God fearing and truthful in their dealings. You said you wonder what you would have become out of being in the vine yard of God as His servant. Father Mic, (crying, crying, crying...) Your good works will always be remembered, may God who have called you grant you internal rest through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Agendia Aloysius

Rest in Peace Fr Mike. It was really sad to learn of your death. I remember reviewing your book " My Parish is My Family Vol I" in @ Effort camerounais. I equally learned Volume II was about to be released but the wicked hands of death took you away from us. Padre, we miss you so such. Resquiestcat in pace

Imma Akwanga

Fr Mike, when I first heard of the news, I intentionally refused to believe it. I said to my self, I'll not believe until i read it in L'Effort Camerounais. Now I know it is true. Father, you were too young to leave this world. You were such an inspiration to many young people out there, through your hardwork and constant words of wisdom. I still remember the few times we worked together in Tiko while i was working for L'effort. I still can't believe you are no longer in this world. Father, we will miss you dearly. Your hard work and good work will always be remembers by all who had the priviledge to know you in one way or the other.We loved you, but the Lord loved you most. Have a safe trip back home and may your sou l rest eternally in the bossom of the lord.

Nelson Belle

rest in the peace of the lord fr mike. God has a reason for everything.you were and will always remain a great inspiration to me. pray for us father. and may you ressurect with christ on this day of easter.

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