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Pa Ndefru

Can we for one moment reflect on what is meant by rigour and moralization in Cameroon, words that can only be coined from a religious perspective and one must be spiritually formed in order to deal well with them let alone achieve their effects in society. Here we are a nation whose Government does not recognize religious knowledge as a subject when training persons to be morally upright in their different professions,yet we talk of moralization.Are we afraid to say that rigour and moralization has not worked since it,s introduction 25years ago as a result of the fact that this particular subject has been watered down by the powers that be?IT is really a shame to find this darling nation in a state of moral degradation.What then do we expect when it comes to setting up Elecam and it bears the structure it has now?Whom shall we one day elect in a transperent manner who recognize and give religion the place it deserves, to morally form us? What a nation with a dead conscience we have become , what a very rotten pottatoe we have become, the last population census shows everyone migrating to the urban towns and Europe, and the villages become deserted ,under developed slums that see us only when we have to go to bury someone who dies in the city. What will the future look like? Is this how Europe from whom we have inherited civilization looked like? Not at all I have had the chance to be there and villages that have structures more than 200years old still appear more modern than our good cities. No wonder why many a Cameroonian will want to remain there and we are here grinding our teeth. I agree that everybody in Cameroon has to pass through a mental revolution else we will continue to see our nation go down the drain till thy kingdom come.At a given...we believe very strongly that God will not allow the worse to happen to this country but let us know very well that He will hold us accountable for the crimes,evil and torture we have brought to his children though bad governance . some people have started feeling it and breath with difficulties...God,s hand writing is on the wall. watch out for your reward in what ever position you occupy. see you next time if we all can think of an election to save this nation from wolfs.

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