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Pa Ndefru

Thanks to God and the church made up of men and women of integrity, who know that as co -creators Hospitals have to be built and well equiped to take care of the sick both christians and none christains alike thus continuing with one of the ministries of Christ our master the healing ministry. Hopefully the services rendered will have a human touch always as has been the case. All we need to pray is to ask God to provide the Manpower and skilled workers who unfortunately always go away to the Government or abroad after the church has trained them so well. Here I want to advice that the church should also consider paying them well to retain them . It is a pity to know how many skilled workers of all categories the mission hospitals have lost. thank God the services still manage to survive but for how long...? food for thought.

Lance Lemieux


My name is Lance Lemieux and I own a company in the United States named Freedom Enterprises. You have a patient named Mercy Amboh and the doctor's name is Dr Clovis. It has been brought to my attention that Mercy needs an opperation and I would like to see if I can help. I can be reached at Lance88@Q.com or my cell at 720-364-7004. Please call or email as soon as possible. We have 100,000frs now and would like to make a payment arraingment with your hospital.

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