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Pa Ndefru

A real wonderful step in the history of a nation that has noticed since independence areal moral degradation but for the presence of the church, both Roman Catholic and Protestant who have all the years taken Education very serious and trained so many persons morally and otherwise but at the level of university education some thing was lacking. Now I must say"Gods hand is here" and for this reason there are more than two church related university institutions ,that of the P.C.C included coming up with many professional courses to be introduced which for many years have been lacking in our state universities. e pray that many in the diaspora can come home to be lecturers in these institutions so we can together achieve the dream of the church in Cameroon "TO BUILD A NEW CAMEROON.in all perspectives, AND YES WE CAN


Che Sunday

It was only a matter of time before the churches step forward again and try picking up the pieces after years of plunder by the state. Credibility in Cameroon's education has always been, and probably will always be a trademark of the parochial education outfits.The products of these institutions have graced the halls of public education institutions where they have been introduced to mediocrity and corruption. Hopefully, the two christian universities will start the difficult task of giving our young men and women a tru education which will make them competitive in the global market place.
Thanks to the visionary fortitude of the leadership of the churches.

kevin mpafe

its a good venture,i wont quarel cos we have been waitx for it, pliz brouchures were to be out info concernx the university is stil scanty as to its kik off this oct
doci are expencive to print, so pliz post all info in ur relevant web sites in relation to entrace exams and deparments

gwedji eugene

Thank God for hearing our cry.
Can we immediately start with Msc prog

beteck john agbor

It is a good thing to have a religious highest institution of learning like the catholic university of bamenda. This makes a difference since it has come to fill the lacking vacuum of moralisation so deficient in our society. Will there be on line programme in PH. D. Management?

Lontum Charles Jaff

It gives me great joy to see that CATUC has taken a bold step just within one year to start post graduate programs. It is my prayer that this university will produce alumni that will be in the words of Fonlon Saints and Scholars. This is very possible even in an era that see this as a contradiction and sheer nonsense.

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