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Thank you for this controversial message. It is my humble opinion that this is the WRONG way to go! If the Catholic Church in Bamenda is tired of celebrating church weddings it should say so!

Irrespective of the risk factors involved in infected persons passing on the infection to their spouses, I am concerned about accessibility by most common christians to HIV testing sites. Granted that the tests are foolproof and always reliable, what guarantee do the Bishops have, that one of the spouses will not contact HIV/AIDS afterwards? Or must they come back occasionally to redo the test .. as they do during confessions?

If we should follow this logic a step further, then our reverend gentlemen should also provide allowance for persons who discover their sposes are seropositive after a church wedding to annul such a union and be eligible for remarriage.

In my humble opinion, this is rather slippery terrain where the Church should not be tredding in such an unbridled manner. At a time when HIV testing is not recommended for civil status weddings and access to jobs in Cameroon or elswhere, I am afraid we are pioneering in a controversial domain.

What would the Church do in the case of a reverend gentleman/lady who is tested seropositive?

Please, let is focus on issues we can properly handle.


Bishops please re-pray


I think the church should not do such a thing as to ask would be couples for their HIV screening results. It is not a curse or crime to be HIV positive and countries who of recent had barred foriegners from entering their country when tested positive have dropped it. America and most recently China have opened its doors for HIV positive patients to live and work in these countries. Our Bishops should rethink about this decision. Good to encourage couples to do the screening test but would be a nice condition before under going the sacrament of matrimony.

Counseling has been a wonderful thing and am sure if during their wedding doctrine classes this kind of counseling is done it could open a good door for the couple to voluntary do the test, not compulsory. Sure many will not be ready to be forced to do the HIV test, many will do the civil wedding, traditional and forget the christian wedding which is most important becuause of this law. Hope soon it will not be that one must wear a suit before recieving first holy communion.

My brother/Annonymous, your question on what the church will do if a Rev.gentleman and i add lady is found to be seropositive is so strong and i think the sure answer is you will never know an answer. It is a secret.

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