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see details at http://catuc.org

Samuel Ndingi

I like the selection of courses chosen by the Catholic Education system. Of paramount is the Law school, engineering, agricultural and forestry sciences. The choice of these courses does represent the real needs of todays Cameroon and the entire world. In future, I would like to see the creation of departments of public administration, International Relations. ENAM and other public schools have failed Cameroonians as they are breading grounds for corrupt elites in Cameroon. My plea is that the courses should strive to be as practical as possible to provide the graduates with skills fit for the stiff and competitive job market.

Kudos to the Catholic church to all what they are doing in Cameroon!

kai Justin Wung

The catholic church in cameroon has always proven to stand for sustainability in place of extinction. I just wish to congratulate its administration and hope that we could build a better English speaking cameroon in a country where discrimination is far from the daylight.

as many youths, i travelled out of the country to be endowed with knowledge on sustaining our rich eco touristic heritage. i never had the chance to get back home and help out our country conserve these resources.


Enow Bawack

In short the dreams of the Anglophones have come true in terms of studying technology and science in their language. But what we require from you people is practicals and nothing else and a good system that will help us compete with other anglophone institutions in the Africa and the world at large.And i also for see a day when the university will start admitting students who left other professional schools with diplomas especially those from Ecole Nationales.
Enow, Graduate Senior Forestry Technician from National Forestry School(ENEF) Mbalmayo

Marcel Moyeh Nyuylam

The catholoic church in Cameroon has done so much to encourage education at all levels. All we pray for is that the administrative staff should put aside tribal tendencies in their work. emphasis should be placed more on the practical aspects of the studies to make a distinction from the Government. The fees are very high, yes so good laboratories and practicing hospitals be provided to equip the students well before graduation. long live the catholic church

Lukong Gwimy Terence

Congrats,congrats and congrats once more. Cameroon development started with the catholic church and will continue till they kingdom come. Amen
Lukong Gwimy Terence. Graduate from ENAM
Treasury Inspector

ngango lynda

what about industrial ingeneering for the year 2011:2012

Joachim , from Canada

I think the cameroon education is still lacking some kind of fields. The catholic university has tried but there are still other things we need to study.

Public administration,
Urban and rural developement,
Material sciences.
We just keep the coventional scinces in cameroon and it doeant help. Specialty in a vast number of broad fields is cool.
Well Bravo to the Catholic university. But the authorities concern should take in to consideration the fact that the natives are poor and should not go and put heavy fees....:) that can only be afforded by directors are ministers.


congratulation to the entire catholic community in cameroon,
i think Cameroon is too backward in maritime studies. if the catholic university of Bamenda could creat a faculty of maritime studies, then it will limit the risk of travelling out of the country to go and take maritime studies by cameroonians, and it will also attract the out side world to enjoy the rich educational heritage enjoyed by Cameroonians . if this is done, even the poor can afford for it

Alandang Marius A

congrats from this end. it is a step further for camerron under the catholic church/community.
i will like to study Human Rights, humanitarian law and other related disciplines.

Dr, sibafo

I feel a great joy with the opening of a school of engineering in catuc.Up to then,only francophones could easily graduate as engineer in civil and electrical through polytechnique yaounde built on the french sub system.So,greater is my satisfaction.
Here is a personalpreoccupation as parent:school fees are high for a modest income in cameroon.I hereby plead the authorities of catuc to do something for we parents.Hence,it should be welcome to award scholarships to brillant students and why not enable brillant students to move abroad through cooperation with other school of engineering based abroad.
Once more,great thanks and long life to catuc.

Vunda Moutchia

Great Job! I eagerly look forward to the Faculty of Theology going operational! I hope to return home soon and contribute in any possitive way. By God's grace I will be graduating with a Masters in Sacred Theology by May 2012 form St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Pennsylvania, USA. My immediate goal is to teach. God bless.

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